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August Muster | Visalia Speech | New Roof |

Dear Fellow Patriot, August is upon us and we're looking forward to our next muster to be held at Camp Vigilance from the 17-19th. The September Muster will be held the 14-16th and of course our month long will begin September 28th and run 24/7 thru October 28th. Please send your camping reservations to reservations@campvigilance.com . RV Spots are going fast so don’t delay. In particular we really need folks for the weekday posts in October. If you can spend a few weekdays or a week or even the entire month please let us know as soon as possible. Also, we need RADIO OPERATORS. The August Muster begins at 6pm on Friday the 17th. Dinner then a meeting. Training at 7:45. NEW ROOF ON THE STAGECOACH DEPOT We had a crew consisting of Ken, George, Eric, Jim H, Rick & Anita, Bob R, Roger, Susan Jim W, Ron and myself go down to camp and begin replacing the roof on the Stagecoach Depot and installing a sink in it as well. The roof is about 50% complete and will be finished over the next two musters. It looks fantastic. Camp is really shaping up. Thanks to George, we have the chimney getting worked on in the main fireplace also. Roger donated the sink and an air conditioner for the apartment. New member Bill K donated a hot water heater for the new sink! Ken has set up a Registry at Lowes, Walmart and Home Depot. Simply go to those sites and look up the MCDC-CA Registry. If you’ve wanted to do something to help out but just can’t get to the border, here is a way to help those who can. So many people to thank! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! TRAFFIC CONTINUES EVEN WHEN WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THERE (DUH) Hard to say who was more surprised last Sunday when our Roofing crew took some time to set up a morning op in Jewel Valley at 5:00 am. Just north of the railroad tracks we came across a group of 12 illegals walking the road. They were treated to a ride home by BP. Further investigation showed another group of 13 had passed by minutes earlier just off the main road. This group came from the west end of Jewel valley while the other came down the railroad tracks to the main road. We know this thanks to the rather distinctive tracks they left after they disposed of their booties. (Thanks Vickie). Group #2 was headed west and hopefully also took advantage of the free ride home service provided by our Border Patrol. GRAND OPENING- NEW POOL & SPA August 18th This is so incredible I almost hesitate to even mention it. As you know, our neighbor and landlord Outdoor World have been building a 5,000 sq feet pool and spa area. The Grand Opening is August 18th. We have been invited to attend and food and beverages will be served. So why would we want to celebrate a new pool and spa opening next door you ask? Because we get to use it! That’s Why! I’m not kidding. We have worked out an arrangement with Dimitri and Sharon to allow our hardworking Minutemen Pool and Spa privileges for a mere $5.00 per day. After a tough night in the rocks you can come back and rest your weary bones in the hot tub and take a few laps in the beautiful pool. All facilities are open for our use. The pool and spa will be enclosed (and heated) for winter. Wrist bands must be purchased for pool and spa use daily at the OW office. Let there be no mistake about it. We come to the border to secure it and we work damn hard when we are there. Its not a vacation but it doesn’t have to be a prison either. Come To The Border and check it out. Any card carrying Minuteman in good standing from any State may use the Camp Vigilance Facilities. VISALIA REPUBLICAN PRESENTATION Every now and then I get a chance to speak to large groups about our mission. This last week I journeyed up to Visalia and spoke to the SETCO Republican Women Federated. Over 100 people were in attendance and the Minutemen were warmly received. About 50 protestors showed up ensuring media coverage but they were very civil and I went outside the Convention Center and met with them for about 15 minutes. They have invited us back to a conference where we can peacefully discuss the issue of Immigration. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid September (around the 19th). I’ll get back to you and let you know. We also have a very fired up group of new and existing members up there that want a Tulare/Kern County Chapter. We will coordinate an inauguration meeting for the same time. The Springville Inn has offered their facility to hold this meeting. We may have more than one as it is a large area. Here are links to the articles on the Republican Meeting. The Reporter for the Porterville Recorder has had to retract some of her comments. They were so bias and several were just blatant lies. Such is the way of the media. For a more accurate accounting read the Fresno and Visalia articles. Even the TV stations were fairly well balanced in their reports. There were four present. http://www.recorderonline.com/news/braun_30968___article.html/immigration_local.html http://www.visaliatimesdelta.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007708100366 http://www.fresnobee.com/270/story/108848.html STREET VIBRATIONS The SAC-REGION and NORCAL Minutemen will be participating in the Street Vibrations Motorcycle Road Show in Reno Nevada September 19th to the 23rd. 30,000 bikers are expected to attend. They will have a booth manned all week. If you can volunteer for some booth time please send an email to SAC-REGION@Minutemanhq.com . This will be a terrific event and a great opportunity to get the word out. For more info on the show got to: http://road-shows.com/street_vibrations.php VICTOR VALLEY AIR SHOW AND VICTORVILLE GUN SHOW Not to be outdone, the DESERT CITIES MINUTEMEN, are sponsoring booths at the Victor Valley Air Show September 14-15th at the Hesperia Airport AND the Victorville Gun Show October 27, 28th. If you cannot get to the border or just want to help out your brothers and sisters in the Desert Cities Chapter please send an email to Linda and Jim at desertcitiesMM@minutemanhq.com THESE EVENTS AND OTHERS LIKE THE GUN SHOWS AND HANNITY CONCERT HAVE BEEN SOME OF THE BEST COMMUNITY OUTREACH THINGS WE HAVE DONE IN OUR TWO YEAR EXISTENCE. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM. SPEAKING OF TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARIES The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA held its first leadership organizational meeting on Sunday September 11th 2005, had a dry run at the border two weeks later and held our first muster on October1st 2005. Coincidentally, 1 year later our first muster at Camp Vigilance was September 15th 2006. As the saying goes: “We’ve come a long way baby” So we are looking to celebrate two years at the border Safely Doing The Job Our Government Refuses To Do. If you have any ideas how to we can honor our Two Year Anniversary please send them to mcdc-ca@minutemanhq.com NEW STATE LEADERSHIP Several members have stepped up to fill vacancies on our State Leadership Team. They are Bob R, Ken D, Deb & Mark . They join Rick, Mike S, Ron and myself along with our Chapter Leaders Steve G at NORCAL, Steve R and Bruce in East Bay, Linda in Desert Cities, Joni in SAC-REGION and Tony D in LA. These individuals run the affairs of MCDC and are on the Steering Committee for Camp Vigilance. Ken was unanimously appointed “Campus Directus” or Director of Camp Operations. Please congratulate them on their new roles and thank them for dedicating the time it takes to keep this show running. DON’T FORGET THE BORDER IS STILL WIDE OPEN. WHILE YOU READ THIS EMAIL MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE HAVE CROSSED ILLEGALLY INTO OUR COUNTRY MANY WITH HOSTILE INTENTIONS. COME TO THE BORDER. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. CB PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL BUT SEND AN EMAIL INSTEAD TO MCDC-CA@MINUTEMANHQ.COM

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