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September Muster Lessons Learned- Operation Secure America on Deck

September turned into another great muster with 50 plus attendees. We had quite a few newcomers and saw some old faces as well. Many thanks to all who participated. We ran operations all weekend round the clock. It turned out to be Mexican Independence Day and I suspect that kept a few of them home. We covered the BP shift changes and it turned out we were very successful at keeping the illegal traffic in their own country for that time. In a meeting with BP on Sunday we were told that they were crossing in most of the areas we covered this weekend AFTER we left. They saw no Minutemen and no Border Patrol and crossed, only to find BP waiting for them out of site. Several groups and one drug run were caught early Sunday morning in Jewel Valley and Twin Towers areas. We will be adjusting our border ops again in October to keep the illegal invaders and drug smugglers guessing.

On Saturday, some MM took rest time and worked on the roof. Its nearly complete. In the evening we had a terrific Mexican Feast, in fact we had great food all three days thanks to Ken and his crew. Great Job ladies! We brought in all of the weathered flags hanging on the border fence and had a respectful flag burning ceremony opened up by our Camp Minster Earl on Saturday night. He held a bible discussion on Saturday afternoon and a Sunday service at the Labyrinth also. Thanks Earl. A great way to honor our second anniversary at the border and first anniversary at Camp Vigilance.

A French TV crew was with us all weekend and followed some of our lady members around as they completed a documentary on “Women of the Minutemen”. It was a great weekend and very productive.

Operation Secure America
Our 5th month long muster and 23rd overall begins at 5pm on Friday September 28th and runs through October 31st. 24/7 operations will be conducted throughout the month. Weekday MM are needed to cover our positions and of course weekends as well. Please let Ken know when you will be coming (if you haven’t already) by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com. This promises to be our best effort yet. Be a part of history in the making.

Ladies Day at the Border/Granny Brigade Saturday October 6th
Of course every day is “ladies day at the border” but we wanted to have a special day for all of the lady volunteers and all of the wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, girlfriends and aunts of our dedicated membership. We will also be honoring all of the Grandma’s amongst us as well (though a few have opted not to self identify) and everyone will receive a special T shirt acknowledging the day and the event. Dinner Saturday night will be prepared by “Da Guys”. Please let us know if you’ll be coming and what your T shirt size is by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com . We will also be providing flags for participants to place on the border fence to replace the ones taken down last week. If you are attending, please read the article “Where do I go and what do I bring? At www.minutemanhq.com/ca

Hesperia Air Show Booth Shut Down
Our Desert Cities Chapter got a rude letter three days before their planned participation in the Victorville Air Show at the Hesperia Airport. They were scheduled to have a booth and had paid for same to hand out brochures. The Immigrant Solidarity Network threatened a violent protest and what did the management do? Did they stand up to the communist threats? NO! They kicked out the Law abiding Minutemen unceremoniously. Proving once again that we are on the right side of this debate, traffic to the event was off by one third and many booth’s just simply didn’t show up in a protest of their own. Our members DID go to the event and handed out brochures anyway getting unbelievable support from event attendees. Good Job Linda and her team. Way to turn it around on these spineless communist appeasers. (/p>

Another Attempt at Amnesty- The Dream Act
I know it is hard to believe but once again the Senate is trying to push through Amnesty in an amendment to the Defense Bill. The DREAM ACT provides citizenship to all illegal aliens under age 16 or those that came here under age 16 no matter how long ago. THIS IS GARBAGE LEGISLATION. WE NEED YOU TO CALL YOUR SENATORS NOW. THEY PLAN ON VOTING ON THIS YET THIS WEEK. Maybe Thursday. SHUT DOWN THE SENATE SWITCHBOARD AGAIN. Word is that your phone calls are causing some supporters to quietly ask this be pulled out of the bill. Keep the pressure on!

Pictures Wanted
If you have a digital photo that you think really tells the Minuteman story and wouldn’t mind seeing it appear in a forthcoming book I’m writing called “Dairy Of A Minuteman”, please send it to carl@minutemanhq.com. Photographers of selected photos will get credit in the book and a free, signed, First Edition of the book is due out on Amazon December 1st.


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