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Where DO I Go and What DO I Bring?

If you are planning on attending the Fall Musters in CA here is a list of items to bring, directions and contact info for lodging.

"Camp Vigilance" is our field HQ (www.campvigilance.com) . If you have been to Outdoor World in the past simply go to the main office but instead of turning into Outdoor World itself, continue 1/2 mile down Shasta Way. Take the first driveway to the left and follow it back to Camp Vigilance. Check in at the Comm Center. Registration beins daily at 7:00am and 6pm (until daylight saving time ends) Training on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:45. The phone number for camp during active musters is 619-766-9094

Please DO NOT enter Camp Vigilance through Outdoor World. Use the main road and our private entrance. The back road will be closed off to vehicle traffic.

If you have not received your ID card yet, they will be available at registration.

If you are planning to camp, here is the contact info/directions for Camp Vigilance:

To make a reservation, send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com Please provide us with the time/date you will be arriving, how long you will be staying and what type of camping you will need.

Full Hookup for RV $25.00 per day
RV without hookups $20.00 per day
Tent Campsite $10.00 per day
Sleeping in your vehicle is considered a tent campsite.
RV Storage $50 per month.
Cash or check only.

For security purposes, have your Minuteman ID or ID# handy when you enter the property as you may be challenged to provide it before you continue into the camp area. Thi is for everyone's safety and security.

These fees are identical to what Outdoor World charged campers in the past. These fees go towards helping us pay rent and utilities on the property and purchase new equipment to make your stay more comfortable.

If you are not camping, here is a list of lodging facilities:

Lux Inn
(619) 766-9005 39739 Avenida De Robles Verses
Boulevard CA 11.3 miles $81.75

Pine Valley Inn Motel
(619) 473-8560 28944 Old Highway 80
Pine Valley CA 15.2 miles
$60 week night, $70 weekend

Live Oak Springs Resort (recommended but pricey)
37820 Old Highway 80
Boulevard, CA
Phone: 619-766-4288
Spa/Massage, Kitchen, Fireplace, Hot Tub, Bicycling, Fishing, Resort

Alpine Country Cottages Motel
(619) 445-3448 2635 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine CA 23 miles
$70 night Two night minimum on weekends

Country Inn by Ayres Alpine (40 miles away)
1251 Tavern Rd
Alpine, CA
Phone: 619-445-5800
Price: $100.0 - $109.00

On Expedia.com there are eight motels listed in El Cajon ranging from $50 to $87 a night. It is further away but might have to be used if people cannot find other accommodations.

Gear to bring (if you have them)
This is the high desert. Our operational area is at 3,000 ft above sea level. HOT! days Cool to cold Nights.
Video camera
Personal Food and Water ( very limited local stores/restaurants) We provide excellent evening meals and Sunday brunch at camp for a small donation.
Extra Water. Recommended consumption in the day is 1 litre per hour.
Flashlight with batteries (preferably red lens)
Layers of clothing. warm during the day (80-100). Cold at night(40-50)
Desert boots
Lawn Chair
Night vision binoculars (if you have them) Don't waste your money on Generation 1 Night Vision. You will be diasappointed. We have several Generation 3 NVG's for use and a Thermal Vision Scope. If you are compelled to buy your own send an email to steveg@usnightvision.com He will hook you up with an incredible Minuteman rate. He also has body armor and other assorted gear if you are so inclined.
Minuteman ID (if you havenít received we will make you one at registration)
Cell Phone
Book or Magazines
Sidearm (recommended not required)
First Aid Kit
Just a Reminder
No children are allowed. You must be a minimum of 18 years old participate.
If you plan to bring your pet, you must keep them restrained (cage, leash, etc..) HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting your dog vaccinated for rattlesnake bites with booster (see your local vet) and rattlesnake proofing

No Confederate Flags. Don't know why you'd want to bring one anyway but this goes for all flags: The only flags flying will be the American Flag, The State Flag of CA, The Cupleper Minuteman Flag 1775 and the POW MIA Flag. Period. Anyone bringing any other flags to the border or camp or seen descrating any other flag of any other country will be asked to leave immediately

No Full Camo's per the SOP. NO cammo shirts or jackets please. Border Patrol and National Guard has advised us that anyone in full cammo or cammo uppers will be considered hostile. The media focuses on the cammo and loves to portray us as a bunch of gun toting red-neck militia. Obviously we are not. Letís not give them anything to use. In our locale, tan or dark green clothing is all the camoflage you need. >/p>

No display of long arms, rifles or shotguns. Sidearms are for personal protection only and must remain holstered at all times. No round in the chamber. STATE LAW PROVIDES FOR LEGAL OPEN CARRY OF SIDEARMS ON GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE LAND. Observe all State, Federal and Local laws when it comes to firearms.

We continue to exist as a viable force in this debate because of strict adherence to our SOP. If you need a reminder, please visit http://www.minutemanhq.com/hq/sop.php

Many of you have served on the border with us before. Some procedures may have changed for increased safety and security. Please review operating procedures with your group leader.

For any other questions please email mcdc-ca@minutemanhq.com . If you havenít already, please let us know of the dates and times you plan to attend by sending an email to reservations@campvigilance.com

Border Watch Duty can be strenuous and demanding. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from participating in some activities please let your group leader know. All information is confidential. we will help plan an experience for you at the border that is safe and rewarding.

California Contact Info

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