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October Muster Concludes on a High Note

October Muster Concludes on A High Note

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Well, we are nothing if not a hardy bunch.  Last year we had the “Burning Man’ to deal with in October with the incessant pounding of near 24 hour techno music. This year it was a burning skyline. Fortunately for us, that skyline was a good 15-55 miles to the west of Camp though there were harrowing moments to be sure. Minutemen in three counties scrambled to evacuate their homes and protect their families while those at Camp Vigilance had to batten down the hatches and ride out the 80 MPH winds, dust and sand storms, loss of electric power and downed antenna’s. While it was a challenge for them, it was far better than those fighting fires to the west. I am not aware of any Minuteman that lost their home or business but if you are please send us an email to
mcdc-ca@minutemanhq.com . So what did we learn from all of this?

  • We learned that Camp Vigilance, though rustic, is a safe haven for those impacted by natural and unnatural tragedies. There is food, and unlimited supply of fresh underground water and generators to run basic power. You have an area that is protected from those who might do us harm by human and electronic means. You have a community of people that think like you and are willing to help in any way they can. In the event of a disaster, know that any card carrying Minuteman may come to Camp Vigilance AT ANY TIME. If you have been left homeless by the fires. Please contact us and we will do what we can to help. From here on out, we will focus on making our Camp “Disaster Ready”.


  • We learned that there are other ways we can contribute to our communities besides just watching the border. Civil Defense and Disaster Preparedness should move higher up our list. Bob R (Tahachapi Bob) assembled his team and offered the Red Cross Disaster Center in Campo a 24-hour security force to watch over things. Though the Red Cross was reluctant at first, they relented and a great relationship was forged with the community and the local Red Cross volunteers. For nearly a week, our folks worked 12 hour shifts to support the center. I might add that ZERO Illegal Aliens stole supplies on our watch. The whole crew should be applauded. BP had asked us to stand down in the border area due to the danger of fires yet these men and women worked the community center and also managed to spot a couple of fires, no doubt purposely set, and called in CDF to get them out before they got out of hand. “Fire Watch” needs to become an essential part of what we do. We saw fires deliberately set on the south side of the fence (Jacumba Airport) no doubt hoping they would blow into the US.  FIRE has become a WEAPON of our enemies. Please don’t try and tell me that ANYONE who sets a fire in high winds and burns down hundreds of thousands of acres, thousands of homes and businesses and destroys many more lives is ANYTHING But an Enemy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by the fires and to the many thousands of Firefighters, Police, Sheriff and Emergency Workers and Border Patrol. Yes, Border Patrol was mobilized to help along with the National Guard and have done a stellar job. We will never forget all of your bravery and selfless determination to save lives and property.

Operation Secure America

Though the fires did dampen attendance somewhat as it was impossible to get to Camp with the winds for a few days, we had a good crew of Border Watchers in the last ten days and we were busy right up to the end. Bell Valley has turned into a real busy spot for us. Things were so active in Jewel Valley that BP asked us to steer clear for a few days so they could rustle up some drug smugglers. It seems our presence was preventing them from crossing. Hmmm. There is a lesson in there somewhere...
On Saturday morning, Roger and I were working a four hour site security shift and spent it walking the entire property. While at the water tower we noticed our early warning system (the dogs) had triggered on the east side of the Oaks. When we went to check it out we found 16 illegal invaders marching down the main trail. BP caught them later in the day along with the people smuggler, at his house, on the reservation. The next morning at the same time, 16 more came marching through and were spotted by Jim W and Steve G. also working security detail. That group was reported as well. On Sunday night BP came by and set up shop waiting for 100 to come across the property. They must have gone a different direction after the bust on Saturday. Needless to say, the border is way busy and it is going to get worse with the sudden increase in construction jobs. Contractors beware. We’ll be watching how you behave. If you know a contractor/business person, encourage them to become a ProAmerica Company by signing up for free at www.ProAmericaCompanies.com . These employers pledge to NOT hire illegals. There are more than 1,000 of them already.

Chris Simcox joined us on Friday and Saturday morning the last weekend and went out on ops with Rick and Company. He gave us a great deal of insight into the mechanizations of running this huge organization and answered all of our questions around funding, operations etc. A great visit. Thanks Chris!

To all of you who have helped with the electrical, the roof, cooking those fantastic meals, hosting at camp and all the special details that come up around Camp Vigilance, THANK YOU.

November/December Muster

Our next regularly scheduled muster is November 30-December 2nd. Dinner is at 5pm on Friday and 4pm on Saturday. Meetings at 8am on Saturday and 9am with brunch on Sunday. We have had many requests for small off muster weekends at Camp to keep the pressure on the bad guys. If you have an interest in working weekday or weekend operations between now and January 1 please send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com and state your preference. We’ll try and get small groups together. Of course, as it stands now, you don’t even have to leave Camp! They are coming right to us! :-)

Awards Ceremony December 1st

Thank you to all who have served on the border.  A special awards ceremony will be held between 4 and at 6pm Saturday December 1st. Distinguished Service Awards will be given out and every volunteer border watcher that served in 2007 will be honored. Don’t miss. It. We’ll have a few surprises. As usual, after dinner and the awards ceremony we’ll be right back at it again, doing what our government refuses to do: SECURE THE BORDER.

Until then,

Semper Vigilans. It is a pleasure to serve with each and every one of you.



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