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Foreclosures Killing Jobs for Illegal Aliens


In a strange twist, the North County Times is reporting the hardships of illegal aliens due to lack of jobs.

While reading the srory, make sure you have a box of Kleenex. This is terrible, getting up early, disappointed by not getting jobs, what is an illegal alien to do.

Maybe the reporter needs to note these are law breakers? maybe the reporter needs to note honest people are losing their jobs?

Why did the AP editor publish a story making law breaker sympathetic?

Do you feel sorry for these illegal aliens?

Maybe the reporter is just an intern from the local high school? Obviously the reporter has no background information on the issue and misreported this story due to lack of knowledge and experience?

Which is worse, a honest person losing their home or an illegal alien not getting a job? to the reporter, it is almost a plot against the illegals for a home to be foreclosed.


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