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Illegal aliens are the problem

The Santa Maria Times

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is here. The Minuteman are your neighbors, your teachers, your doctors, your lawyers, your bankers, your business owners, you brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and they are your grandparents.

I don''t care whether you are red, yellow or green, with antennas on your head. Illegal is illegal.

The volunteers with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are legal residents of this community. They are the taxpayers of this community. Instead of addressing the issue of illegal aliens, Hilda Zacharias chooses to send her constituents out to protest and to call names. Shame on you, Ms. Zacharias.

For those who are playing the race card, get over yourselves. It is unacceptable for you to claim that the Minutemen are racist vigilantes. I say prove it. You can''t, because it is a lie being perpetrated on the American people to make them shut up. I will not be intimidated by racist comments.

For the last 20 years, the illegal status of people coming here to work for the businesses paying low wages has been ignored. Since when is slave labor acceptable? Since when do we allow the taxpayers to subsidize labor contractors and business?

To hear the open borders groups talk, you would think illegal aliens are the only ones allowed to seek a better life.

I have a news bulletin for you, America is full. We allow over a million legal immigrants into this country every year. We cannot allow selective enforcement of laws of this country. That is total anarchy. Illegal aliens are bankrupting the state.

Paula James

Santa Maria

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