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Illegal Aliens Bring TB to Bay Area

Want sickness, both physically and emotionally, defend the use of illegal aliens for exploitive purposes.

Now we have an outbreak of illegal aliens. Too bad the San Jose Mercury News refusing to tell the truth about the situation. The article says, "The current jump is due to a tuberculosis outbreak among Mexican day laborers in the Mission District, and has given San Francisco the highest TB rate in the state."

These are not Mexican day laborers—they are illegal aliens. If the newspaper can not tell its readers the truth about a TB outbreak, how can anyone trust them to tell the truth about crooked politicos (they should be called redistributive welfare workers?)

This article shows why we have a problem, the media, which we count on to tell us the truth is lying to us every day. Why buy a newspaper that you know lies in their news stories? This paper is committing suicide in front of us everyday. shame on the reporters and editors, they have turned from being journalists into old fashion propaganda artists. Would you hire someone that doesn’t tell the truth?


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