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Constitution is for citizens


A recent letter writer says Santa Maria “has not been known for extreme groups causing trouble.” How many times have we seen pro-amnesty groups marching in this town?

The Minutemen were few. The assembly was peaceful, until protesters intruded and attempted to display the flag of a foreign country, the Mexican flag. They were removed for disrupting a peaceful assembly, only to be replaced by yet another group of violent, belligerent troublemakers.

So, who caused the trouble? Security from the hotel did not remove any supporters of the Minutemen, did they?

The writer of that letter feels most people do not support the Minutemen, in a town where the majority of people are now illegal aliens. Of course, that's exactly why the Minutemen have arrived. Obviously legal citizens do not have faith in our local or federal government on this issue. That's why we're in this mess in the first place.

What gets me is how supporters of illegal aliens and amnesty talk about the Constitution. Need they be reminded, it is the Constitution of the United States of America and its legal citizens, and the last I heard, this is still America.

I think Americans could love thy neighbor better if they did not invade our sovereignty illegally, then demand to be treated equally.

Ron England



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