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54 Illegal Invaders Observed BY Minutemen and 44 Of Them Apprehended by Border Patrol This Weekend (Thermal Video Links Below)

Another busy weekend on the NAFTA Super(human) Highway, otherwise known as Camp Vigilance. In fact, it has been so busy we have rarely needed to leave Camp.

On Saturday morning at about 3:30 am (right on schedule), our “Eye In The Sky” Team (EIS), situated on the far Northeast corner of the 245 acre parcel that makes up Camp Vigilance and OutdoorWorld, observed a group of 22 people marching down Twin Road (La Paloma) heading for our property. This has become a regular stop on the new world order “Bus To Los Angeles Tour”. The property is rectangular and the fence in the far southeast corner has been pulled down by thousands of illegal invaders. Twin Road ends at that fence and our group of 22 were approaching the property when the EIS Team notice a second group of 22 about 100 yards behind them coming down the same road. Total 44 headed right for our position. Because the EIS Thermal can see so far out, BP was notified before they reached our location and once both groups were firmly on our property and headed north towards the EIS Team, we closed the back door. Last weekend (two Groups of 18)we learned that once spotted, they would run back down the road and disappear into the brush. BP had a devil of a time finding them all. So this time we had a vehicle positioned such that once they were on the property, that vehicle would move down to the Southeast Corner and close off the exit. It worked like a charm.

Moments after the cut off vehicle arrived the headlights of the EIS Team came on about a quarter mile north when the group approached within 20 feet of their vehicle. The 44 scattered into the brush on the property and headed west towards camp about 1 mile away.

When the first group was spotted. The alarm went out in camp and several teams of MM headed towards predetermined spots on the properties West side. With headlights and spotlights blazing on the area from all four corners of the property, the Illegal Invaders hid in the brush.

BP responded with 7 units and within 20 minutes had rounded up 15 of the hapless bunch. One hour later 12 more were in custody. At daybreak another 7 were apprehended. Throughout the entire ordeal BP requested our assistance in the search and later told us how impressed they were with our handling of the situation. Two of our team members are US Military Trained Trackers. They spotted where ten people had managed to escape the property and led BP to the location who then followed the tracks and presumably caught the remainder of the group though we have no confirmation at this time.

This brings to over 100 the number of people observed and apprehended on the Camp Vigilance property in the last seven days. We changed our positions and tactics for Saturday night but it was oddly quiet. We’re not worried that we scared them off. No, they just ran out of people to move across in that area in this weekend. They’ll be back again in a day or so and in fact they were with a group of 20 caught in Outdoor World on Sunday night as the attempted to avoid our Camp.

Here are the links to the video clips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZNkRMyH8TE and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lerGsaLqggI .

We had 30-40 mph winds which kept the camera swaying back and forth on the Eye in the Sky. (no its not a nervous cameraman). In the second video you can see the second group at the bottom of the road and then the first group appears much closer to our position.

Operation Sovereignty continues through April 27th. Your assistance is needed at the border. For reservations please send an email to reservations@campvigilance.com

For more information visit http://www.campvigilance.com or call 619-766-9094

Your Country is being invaded. You are needed at the border. Be there or be overrun.

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