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Sanctuary City Protest Rally at City Hall in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Minutemen are sponsoring a Sanctuary City Protest Rally at City Hall in San Francisco on September 25, 2008 from 11am to 1pm.

The Rally is to call attention to all City Government officials who blatantly continue to disobey Federal law which requires that Federal authorities be alerted to Criminal Illegal Aliens who have been arrested or are suspected of committing violent and nonviolent crimes against San Francisco residents. We will also focus on the victims and family members of victims of such crimes.

In April, Mayor Gavin Newsom reaffirmed San Francisco''s Sanctuary City policy status by continuing to protect Illegal Aliens living in San Francisco by not cooperating with the Federal Agency "Immigration and Customs Enforcement" or ICE. Authorities are also forbidden to inquire about the citizenship status of suspects who have been arrested. In June, three members of the Bologna Family were murdered in San Francisco by an Illegal Alien who was previously arrested and then protected from ICE by City Agencies.

This problem continues to grow daily, especially in California . The statistics for crimes committed by Illegal Aliens for assault, rape, murder, and traffic related deaths and injury caused by drunk Illegal Alien drivers is staggering.

Several Minutemen and other "like-minded" groups are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. These groups consist of American Citizens from all walks of life and heritages. Although commonly referred to as "racist" and "hate mongers" by open borders advocates, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the Minutemen are simply a group of everyday American Citizens who want the government to do its job and protect all citizens whose lives are in constant danger everyday in their homes and on the streets of San Francisco and other cities.

We are hoping that our actions will encourage other Americans who want safe and secure neighborhoods and communities to also take a stand against cities that disregard our Nation''s Laws.

We ask that people Stand up and join us Thursday morning for our peaceful protest in San Francisco .

For more information please contact Owen Jones at 510-364-6902

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