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Governor Ritters Working Group on Law Enforcement and Illegal Immigration (01/16/09)

The Working Group on Law Enforcement and Illegal Immigration, brought about as a result of the case of illegal alien Francis Hernandez, meetings concluded in December of last year and their report was forwarded the December 31st to Governor Ritter.   Hernandez was involve in an auto accident that killed two women and a baby in Aurora as he sped through an intersection.  When the accident came to the attention of our local talk radio the Governor called for immediate review by law enforcement notables of what could be done to prevent it from happening again.


While I found the six weeks of meetings interesting, and extremely educational, I was disappointed in some of the findings and many of our law enforcement officials who chose not to provide solutions beyond pointing of fingers at the federal government. 


Please take the time to review for yourself the results reported to the Governor.




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