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Call for assistance: E-verify Bill Introduced (1-27-09)

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 urgently need your help! 

For the third year in a row, I have introduced a bill, SB09-023, requiring private employers to utilize the federal government’s E-verify program to screen all newly-hired employees.   This bill is tougher than the previous two bills because we MUST ensure that the thousands of citizens, who are currently losing jobs in this troubled economy, have at least some sort of job available to them.

Colorado is well-positioned to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government this year and next to create thousands of jobs—many of which will be generated in the construction trades industry.  As you well know, this is an industry that in the past has been rife with rampant illegally-resident foreign nationals.

We must act NOW to make sure our hard-earned tax dollars, intended to help Coloradans, do not find their way to foreign countries, where they may end up in the hands of anti-American regimes and terrorist groups instead of in the well-deserved hands of hard-working Americans.

SB09-023 has not received a hearing date as yet, but I suspect it will be scheduled for hearing during the second week of February.
This is where you come in.

Predictably, this bill was assigned to the Senate State Affairs Committee TO BE KILLED.  That is why we must inundate the offices of three Democrats on that committee with calls, letters, and emails, as well as with compelling testimony on the day of the hearing. Calls should focus SOLELY on communicating the need for
JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and leave out the other rhetoric, such as the rule of law, etc.  Such arguments do not resonate with Democrats and will serve only to undermine the passage of this bill.

At that Hearing I will need emotional testimony from

* Citizens who have lost their jobs to illegal aliens in the past. 

* Citizens who fear they will lose their jobs to illegal aliens in the coming months and  years.  

* Patriotic employers, who do utilize the federal E-verify program and who then lose  business because they are unable to cost-effectively compete with companies that  are willing to unscrupulously hire illegal aliens.   

Contact information for Democrat Senators on the Senate State Affairs Committee is:  

Senator Suzanne Williams, Chair
suzanne.williams.senate@state. co.us  

Senator Bob Bacon, Vice Chair

Senator Betty Boyd

The USPS mail address for all legislators is: State Capitol Building, Denver, CO, 80203

It is interesting to note that the newly-appointed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has been recently quoted as saying:   

"What you need is a sustained plan over time that marries what you're doing at the border . . . with interior enforcement, which means going after employers, who consistently and intentionally disobey the immigration law.”  

In addition, please put the same pressure on the Senate President, Senator Peter Groff.  Remind the Senator of Governor Ritter’s statement in his 2007 State of the State Address:

"As Governor, I will find responsible, achievable and practical solutions to the illegal-immigration crisis gripping our country and our state. Washington has failed to secure our borders, prosecute companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers, and punish human smugglers and traffickers. These are unacceptable failures. I will work with federal and state authorities to enact and enforce policies that fix this failure, and help businesses to verify citizenship status of job applicants and employees."  

Contact Info:

Senate President, Peter Groff
Cap: 303-866-3342


As a legislator, I can be only as effective as concerned citizens are willing to assist me in passing legislation. I cannot do it alone. I NEED YOUR HELP!

FINALLY, please pass this email along to everyone you know who agrees with our need to make sure all federal funds go to LEGAL citizens.  Thank you!  

For a Better Colorado,


Dave Schultheis

Colorado State Senator

Colorado Springs

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State Leadership Committee

Mike Zimmerle State Director


Jim Ryder State Operations Manager


Kent Lazo


John Daniels


Dave Rupert


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