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DNC Information Day and Rally in Denver

Fellow Patriots,

On the first day of the Democratic National Convention the Colorado Minuteman Civil Defense Corps will be holding an all day MCDC/RightMarch.com information day and rally.

Date: August 25, 2008

Time:9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Location:Congress Park, Denver, Colorado

Throughout the day we will hear from notable MCDC leaders like MCDC Founder & President Chris Simcox, VP & CFO Carmen Mercer, and National Director Al Garza. Also speaking will be radio personality Frosty Woolridge andWilliam Greene,President of RightMarch.com. Additionally, we will be showing Border the Movie continuously during the rally.

This is the best opportunity we will have during the election cycle to make our voices heard to an international audience. The eyes of the world will be on Denver during that week and it''s up to us to get our message out. Your attendance is needed.

During these times of economic crisis, soaring health care costs, an insolvent Social Security system, and an education system with a 50% drop-out rate, the last thing we need are illegal aliens taking our jobs, depressing our wages, bankrupting our hospitals and committing crimes against our citizens. American jobs are for American workers andAmerican social services should go to tax-paying American citizens who need help. We need help reminding voters across the nation that our own government is complicit and laws need to be enforced.

Help us make our voices heard by coming to Denver and joining us for a day of inspiring speeches and dialog with fellow Minutemen and patriots from across the country. If you can''t make it, call your friends in this area and remind them how important this event is. Everyone is welcome.

Jim Shafer
Denver & Colorado State Director

Jim Ryder
Operations Manager

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