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Smyrna mayor flagged at meeting

After repeated pleas to the city council to comply with state and federal laws being ignored, Mary had enough. She presented the Mayor with a small Mexican flag and asked him to decide which flag he wants to fly over his city - Mexicos or Americas. Mayor Bacon was not too happy Monday night - wonder what he thinks this morning??? Video will be on YouTube soon. We will be planning visits to Dekalb, Gwinnett, City of Atlanta / Fulton Co & others very soon. Stay tuned!

-- Jill Benson 678-640-3651

State Director-GA, Pro Tem

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Mission Statement: To see the borders and coastal boundaries of the United States secured against the unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military. We will employ all means of civil protest, demonstration, and political lobbying to accomplish this goal.

Smyrna mayor flagged at meeting

Marietta Daily Journal

Published: 03/04/2009 By Ashley Hungerford


SMYRNA - A bewildered Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon was presented with a small Mexican flag at the end of Monday night''''''''s City Council meeting. Smyrna resident Mary Kirkendoff presented the flag to Bacon, which he refused, during the public comment section of the meeting. Kirkendoff believes Bacon and the city are too lenient when dealing with illegal immigrants. "Illegals find safety and sanctuary in this part of Cobb County," she said. Her three minute speech was about patriotism. Kirkendoff applauded Cobb County government and the Cobb sheriff, who work with Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers to start deportation proceedings on illegal immigrants at the county jail. "On the other hand, Smyrna releases them back on to the streets," she said. Kirkendoff said illegal immigrants are responsible for many of the crimes reported throughout the county, including the most recent attacks on the Silver Comet Trail.

On Feb. 23, two men in their early 20s were attacked by five males on the Silver Comet Trail in Powder Springs. Powder Springs police arrested Carlos Bracamonte, 18, on Thursday, and charged him with simple battery, a misdemeanor. He is being held at the Cobb County Jail with a $5,000 bond. ICE placed a hold on Bracamonte, meaning after he faces his charges in Cobb, he will be turned over to ICE agents to determine if he''s in the country illegally.

The other four suspects involved in the attacks are described as black males. Kirkendoff, who has been an outspoken critic of the way the city handles illegal immigrants, also claims the city of Smyrna often ignores federal and state immigration laws, including checking the immigration status of people who do work for the city. "I don''''t know what defines corruption more than ignoring the laws," Kirkendoff said. As she approached the mayor desk Monday night, unfurling the small flag, she asked him to decide which flag - American or Mexican - he wanted to fly above City Hall. Bacon was clearly angered by Kirkendoff''s speech and the use of the Mexican flag. "I don''''t want to take anything from you," Bacon told Kirkendoff. The flag was left sitting on Bacon''s desk at the end of the meeting.

Georgia Contact Info

MCDC of Georgia

State Director "Pro Tem"
Jill Benson
Phone: 678-640-3651
Email: 441xmas@bellsouth.net

Chapter Director
Lori Cannon
Phone: 229-809-0954
Email: swgaminuteman@yahoo.com

North Atlanta Chapter
Chapter Director
Jill Benson
Phone: 678-640-3651
Email: 441xmas@bellsouth.net

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Ben Harper
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Bill Anderson
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Bill Mayberry
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Ken Hunt
Phone: 770-262-4584
Email: GAMinuteman1776@comcast.net

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