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University System to Hold Four Public Sessions

University System to Hold Four Public Sessions Regarding the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act

The University System of Georgia will hold public hearings on their practice of giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. Jan Boutwell Gonzalez, an American citizen, has contacted Lawrence Headrick, Northwest GA MCDC Chapter Director about her first hand experience in competing with illegal aliens at Dalton State College. The president of Dalton State College has given in-state tuition to 40 illegal aliens and denied Jan in-state tuition since she had lived as a resident of GA for only 359 days (six days short of the required one year residency requirement). So Jan, a U.S. citizen, has paid 4 times the tuition that an illegal alien must pay. She wants the University System to refund her tuition and apply our laws equally.

Please plan on attending one or all of the public meetings to voice your support for equal application of our laws. To speak at these meetings, you must sign up in advance for a three minute time slot. The website below has all the details on the four meetings coming up in May 2007. http://www.usg.edu/news/2007/042007.phtml

Our University System wants input on "policy interpretation", whatever that means. We need to help them interpret their policy of granting in-state tuition to illegal aliens as unlawful. The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act will be implemented July 1, 2007. Let your voice be heard!

Georgia Contact Info

MCDC of Georgia

State Director "Pro Tem"
Jill Benson
Phone: 678-640-3651
Email: 441xmas@bellsouth.net

Chapter Director
Lori Cannon
Phone: 229-809-0954
Email: swgaminuteman@yahoo.com

North Atlanta Chapter
Chapter Director
Jill Benson
Phone: 678-640-3651
Email: 441xmas@bellsouth.net

Middle Georgia Chapter
Chapter Director
Ben Harper
Phone: 478-387-5296
Email: midgaminutemen1@bellsouth.net

Augusta Area Chapter
Chapter Director
Bill Anderson
Phone: 706-394-9510

Media Director
Bill Mayberry
Email: xardox@charter.net
Phone: 706-206-7168

Chapter Director
Ken Hunt
Phone: 770-262-4584
Email: GAMinuteman1776@comcast.net

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