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9-11 Families for a Secure America - Response to DesMoinesRegister.com


The families and victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and other violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

9-11FSA Families and Friends: The following commentary is in response to the article below; entitled Sanctuary cities are not the real issue: Change immigration laws that donít work.

Response to DesMoinesRegister.com: http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070916/OPINION01/709160320/1035/OPINION_

I am writing this reply to Lori Chesser and anyone who has read her article published Sept.16, 2007.† While reading what she wrote I was getting angry to see that her statements were very misleading and not completely truthful. At first I was thinking that she was not well informed and didn't† understand the causes and effects of illegal immigration, at issue was her use of immigrant and illegal alien almost interchangeably, she also didn't understand that local law enforcement would not be over-worked if in their regular duties checked the immigration status of persons they came in contact with, she also stated police need to have friendly relations with illegal aliens or as she calls them "New immigrants, the undocumented". Lori stated that congress has ignored the immigration laws for years and the reason she gives is that congress cannot muster the political will to authorize enough or the right kind of visas to deal with our changing economy and demographics.

It wasn't until I finished reading the propaganda piece Lori penned did I understand why the misinformation and her convoluted conclusions to a fundamentally simple problem and the answer is Lori Cheeser is the head of the immigration department of the Davis Brown law firm in Des Monies and a member of the American Immigration Lawyer Association's Interior Enforcement Committee. Lori and her ilk make big bucks on the national security problem that she and other special interest groups have created and milk for their political gain.

I have since 9-11-01 been involved in the illegal immigration issue due to the murder of my son-in law Mark Petrocelli and almost 3000 other innocent people at the WTC site attack and I have come to find out that there are many profit orientated interest groups that contributed to their murders and Lori's is just one of them.† It is groups like hers that cause the "unstated policy of the federal government" to not properly enforce our laws which are on the books to protect us. Lori's special interest group writes and funds legislation and contributes money to campaigns of elected officials to do just that not enforce existing laws through under-funding and under-manning the agencies charged with enforcement powers.

American's must wake-up and engage their elected officials because Lori and special interests groups are influencing your government to your detriment.

Thanks. Bruce.

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