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A view from the border

By Robert Klein Engler (06/23/2006)

CHICAGO (23 June '06)--The border between the United States and Mexico is flat and desolate along much of its 2,000 mile stretch. There is hardly any place high enough to get above the terrain where you may look down and see the larger picture that makes up the panorama of illegal immigration.

At points along the U. S./Mexican border, members of the Minuteman Project keep watch. They ask that our immigration laws be enforced and want to inform the public about the harm illegal immigration does to our nation. They are not vigilantes, but they are vigilant.

Caught between the forces of big business on the one hand, and the open border lobby on the other hand, members of the Minuteman Project are among the few who rise above the desolate terrain of the border and see the truth about illegal immigration. This earns them the disdain of both the political right and left.

The open border lobby and their one world supporters take a Marxist view of illegal immigration. Those who want a world without borders see illegal immigrants as simply workers. They see illegal immigrants as pawns in a struggle towards a global, socialist revolution.

Is it little wonder that those who want open borders always talk about how hard illegal immigrants work, or how all they want is to support their families? For these open border lobbyists, Illegal immigrants are not human beings fleeing a corrupt country, but workers who have a life only because they fulfill a function in a discredited theory of revolution.

The open border protesters we saw marching last May Day also want to diminish the power and sovereignty of the United States. In the final analysis, they would like to get rid of the U. S. as a nation. The old slogan of "workers of the WORLD, unite!" still echoes in their heart since it was proposed more than 150 years ago.

The proponents of big business aren't much different from the socialists when it comes to illegal immigration. All they see are abstract workers, too, when they look at illegal immigrants pouring into the U. S. from Mexico. The managers of international corporations care more about profits than they do about citizenship and patriotism, so it makes no difference to them where their workers originate.

It makes no difference to transnational elites if a worker is in the U. S. legally or illegally, either. Patriotism and citizenship are irrelevant to the international flow of capital. Patriotism and citizenship may even be an obstacle to increased profits by placing limits on exploitation.

The elites in big business would have the borders open. Then, workers could move as freely as digital bank accounts. If not that, then the elites would have a guest worker program that masks an amnesty. For the elites of big business, illegal immigrants are not persons, but cogs in a great industrial and agricultural machine.

Caught in the middle between two abstractions, the proponents of open borders and the elites of big business, members of the Minuteman Project are important because they have a realistic view of illegal immigration. Members of the Minuteman Project do not look upon illegal immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere as abstract workers who are pawns in the struggle between socialists and capitalist.

Instead, members of the Minuteman Project see that from both sides of the border, the issue of illegal immigration involves human beings and not just abstractions. From the Minuteman Project's point of view, what is ultimately at stake in the debate over illegal immigration is the very human question of citizenship and identity.


To read the entire article, Click Here.

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