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-by Doug Heaton

A reporter asked me an interesting question at the Elgin City Council meeting last week.

Looking around at all the Hispanics in the audience, the foyer and the driveway to city hall, and recognizing that I was clearly outnumbered, she asked, "Are you afraid?" My short answer was, "Not really."

Reflecting on the moment two days later, what was I feeling? I've decided that I was worried. And I still am. I'm worried that if the people who carry guns and wear badges don't enforce immigration laws 100 percent, then who will?

Voter registrar, are you afraid to ask someone to prove citizenship before giving someone a voter card? Secretary of State clerk, are you afraid to challenge a suspicious-looking ID before you issue a driver's license?

Welfare clerk, are you afraid to challenge someone's eligibility for food stamps because you think they are here illegally? Landlord, are you afraid to verify someone's residency status before signing the Section 8 low-income housing application?

If the street cop can't ask, I'm not surprised that these people are afraid to ask. There is a notion among illegals that if you can get 100 miles into the United States, you are home free. No one in the interior challenges you. I worry they are right.

It takes courage to stand up for what is right. That's why I joined the Minuteman Project. People who know me are a bit surprised. They picture these Minutemen in military garb with an ammo belt draped across their chests, looking for someone to shoot. They know I collect pens, not guns.

I explain that Minutemen have a code of conduct that forbids taking the law into our own hands. We fight the cause on the border with cell phones, not rifles. And we don't burn flags from any country. You ought to take a look at the code of conduct for a Minuteman. It might surprise you.


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