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Minuteman Civil Defense Corps National call to action!

Americans have patiently waited for ICE/Homeland security to deport Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien who defied a government order that she turn herself in to the Department of Homeland Security for deportation. Instead, she took sanctuary in Chicago in a West Side church. The 31-year-old woman was arrested in 2002 during an immigration sweep at O'Hare International Airport. Homeland Security officials noted that Arellano had already been deported once, in 1997, and that she had a criminal conviction for Social Security fraud." This conviction makes her ineligible for U. S. citizenship.

Many of the groups supporting Elvira are anarchist or communist groups with an unstated mission of defeating the United States of America. Just what is the aim of a group that calls itself "Center Without Borders?" Why would they be helping a fugitive? Elvira Arellano's protest is really a protest to undermine the sovereignty of the United States of America by abolishing the concept of citizenship, as we know it.

Elvira Arellano's protest has gone international, now, with Mexico getting involved, while she uses her son Saul as a political pawn.

Illegal aliens cannot be allowed to violate our laws with impunity it undermines our compact of obeying the rule of law and ensuring justice equally regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. We must put a stop to the abuses of our good natured charity as Americans; we are being taken advantage of - enough is enough!
It is time to clean up this corruption. Sending the fugitive Elvira Arellano back to Mexico is a good place to start.

Have you had enough? Since Elvira Arellano is calling upon allies locally and internationally, we are responding likewise. Some people are comparing this criminal to a civil rights activists, some even call her a modern day Rosa Parks - that is offensive. This is not about civil rights it about the rights of Americans who demand criminals be punished.

We are appealing to people across the United States, take time to write a letter! We cannot allow the fugitive Elvira to stay here in the United States and create precedence for illegal aliens across America. The country you save may be your own!

We are asking that you physically write a letter and send it to:

U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
Special Counsel Northern Illinois
Washington Office:
Bond Federal Building
1400 New York Avenue, NW, Ninth Floor
Washington D. C. 20530

You can make your letter short, but be sure to include two things:

1) Please ask U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate why ICE/Homeland Security in Illinois has not deported Elvira Arellano, and

2) Why hasn't Rev. Coleman of Adalberto United Methodist Church been arrested for aiding and abetting an illegal alien and a fugitive.

U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald already knows about these lawbreakers in Chicago. Let's give him another chance to enforce our immigration laws for the good of all Americans.

Illinois Contact Info

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Headquarters
Phone: 520-829-3112

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