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Bruce DeCell Commentary - 9/11 Families for a Secure America

The families and victims of the September 11, 2001

terror attacks and other violent crimes committed by illegal aliens



9-11FSA Families and Friends:

This message is my commentary on an article that is hyper-linked below which appeared on line from the Indystar.com.

It is entitled “Don’t hand immigration problem to local officials dated January 11, 2008 by Rev. Dr. Felipe N. Martinez.

This article is a response from the open borders supports pro illegal alien anti-American pressure groups to bill number 335 which is being introduced in the Indiana State Legislator on Wednesday January 14, 2008. The bill’s author State Senator Mike Delph is one of a growing number of state elected officials who is responding to the failure of the federal government in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

The foolery that has gone on in our local and federal government before the amnesty of 1986 when amnesty was given to over 3 million illegal aliens. In the process three terrorists gamed the system as Special Agricultural Works (SAW) they were Middle Eastern men who became taxi cab drivers in New York City. They used their documents to travel to Pakistan and back learning how to make a truck bomb to blow up the WTC in 1993 killing six people. The Open Borders Supports even in light of that horrific event can’t see that their efforts back then allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter our nation was the primary cause of that attack and they don’t feel the least bit of blame for the attack in which almost 3 thousand more people were killed on 9-11-01. Add to that the thousands of American who are victims of illegal alien crime each year.  Law enforcement at all levels of our government have been hamstrung by these powerful pressure groups to not enforce immigration laws so that they can have cheap complicit labor, bodies to fill their religious organization, and create the possibility of voter fraud.

The Chambers of Commerce and “religious leaders” like Rev. Dr. Felipe N. Martinez make many arguments why common sense legislation should not be enacted at the state level to protect LEGAL citizens, health, and safety. It is government’s responsibility to educate, and provide heath care and other social services to Legal citizens  It is government’s job to make sure that Legal citizens are not discriminated against or denied proper pay and to ensure proper working conditions for our workers.  The state and local governments are supposed to work with the federal government with enforcement of law.  It is only because of the efforts of people like Felipe Martinez and the Chambers of commerce who very effectively lobbing in Washington D.C. that the states are in the position of paying for the cost of the illegal aliens. The citizens of their respective states are dealing with the crime, cost health of care, and cost of incarceration of illegal aliens Another major concern to all citizens is how can we be safe when employers can draw millions of people to this nation with offers of better jobs they the illegal aliens can get in the own country? These open border supporters stop any and all attempts to secure our borders and pass the expense of illegal immigration to the legal citizens while they maximize their profits.

Illegal immigration affects everything from taxes, health care, employment, crime, and national security. What is it about the word illegal that Mr. Martinez does not understand?

I  ask everyone reading this commentary to take a few minutes and call Senator Mike Delph’s office in Indiana and tell him he is doing a good  job even though you are not a constituent because illegal immigration is not a religious, racial, democratic, or republican problem, it is an American national security problem.

State Senator Mike Delph   317 234 9054.

Thanks. Bruce.


9/11 Families for a Secure America
PO Box 156
Hawley, PA 18428-0156

Indiana Contact Info

MCDC of Indiana

State Leader Pro Tem
Dennis Drake
Phone: 812-630-5403

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