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25 Arrested in Drug Sting Operation

25 indicted in drug sting spanning several states
The Kansas City Star
Twenty-five people have been indicted in a drug sting that spanned several states and 1˝ years, Marietta Parker, acting U.S. attorney for Kansas, said Friday.

Federal prosecutors said the people were involved in a methamphetamine distribution operation. The group saw a profit of $1.25 million from March 1, 2008, to Jan. 27, 2009.

All 25 appeared this week in federal court in Kansas City, Kan. The grand jury charges were contained in an indictment unsealed this week.

The charges don’t allege that the suspects manufactured the drug in the area. But authorities said the distribution occurred throughout the area.

Also in the sting, dubbed Operation Press One, authorities seized about $170,000 in cash that was hidden in secret compartments of two vehicles.

Authorities declined to say how many pounds of drugs they seized overall. However, in one stop they seized more than 6.5 pounds of meth at a house at 421 Brooklyn Ave. in Kansas City.

The suspects face several charges, but all 25 are charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of meth.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Rask said the investigation helped curb the amount of drugs coming into the region. He commended the detectives for working across state lines and jurisdictions to arrest all 25 suspects.

“There’s not many cases where you have 25 people charged,” he said.

The suspects:

•Baltazar Quiroz, 27, of Kansas City

•Uriel Lopez-Montejano, 41

•Hector Eduardo Garcia-Gallardo, 38, of Las Vegas.

•Araceli Lozano-Miranda, 29, of Kansas City

•Luis Lozano-Miranda, 21, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Francisco Armando Lopez-Montejano, 28, of South Sioux City, Neb.

•Jorge Carrillo-Chavez, 33, of Wakefield, Neb.

•Javier Dozal, 28, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Secundino Arias-Garcia, 29, of Kansas City

•Hugo Chavez-Cadenas, 39, of Grand Prairie, Texas

•Jose Jimenez-Alvarez, 44, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Maricela Naranjo, 34, of Independence

•Guadalupe Ruiz, 42, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Marisela Ruiz, 21, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Francisco Javier Ruiz-Najera, 38, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Steven Luttrell, 49, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Vincent Ray Marez, 24, of Ottawa, Kan.

•Betty Sue Marcos, 36, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Servgio Mosqueda-Hernandez, 34, of Kansas City

•Baynard Jack Sitlington, 45, of Ottawa, Kan.

•Kurtis Wall, 34, of Richmond, Kan.

•Robynn Woods, 36, of Ottawa, Kan.

•Jesus Monoz, 18, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Fabiola Uribe, 28, of Kansas City, Kan.

•Carlos Dozal-Alvarez, 29, of Kansas City, Kan.

To reach Dawn Bormann, call 816-234-5992 or send e-mail to dbormann@kcstar.com.


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