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Employers hiring people in our country who are illegal aliens

Heart Of America Minuteman plans for the summer:

I amwriting this in the hopes that someone will see the need to do a story drawing attention to illegals taking jobs from Americans. I have a file on people who have called me because they are out of work. Why are they out of work you might ask? Well here's why. I'll give you examples.

1. An American who follows the letter of the law and has a company that pours concrete, he or she only hires legal American citizens or immigrants who are here legally. This person can not pour concrete for $ 2.00 a ft and this is what they are up against. They are underbid by the criminal employers who hire illegals, who pays his or her help at or below minimum wage and can do the job much cheaper although not the quality of work most say. It's just part of the example of the exploitation of these people by some of our fellow Americans who are only interested in the almighty dollar, not their country or fellow American worker.

2. Same scenario for carpenters

3. Same scenario for sheet rockers

4. Same scenario for roofers

5. Same scenario for some manufacturing jobs etc

I think you get the picture. Paul Harvey recently reported that 2/3's of all new construction jobs are hired out to illegal aliens. We (Heart Of America Minutemen) have been picketing a huge work site in Olathe located at 116th and Pflumm this week and so far no one except the folks driving by and especially the folks working at the site are interested for different reasons. I have called some media but no one was interested enough to show up. We intend to picket work sites in the future in the Kansas City area and other parts of Kansas and Missouri and we intend to bring attention to these people who are hiring illegal alien help. The workers on these sites are calling us and they want help! They want some one to do something. We are helping them and so can you.


Ed Hayes
Heart of America Chapter Director
Kansas Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
913 620 0071

Kansas Contact Info

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