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Hearing on SB 458 in Topeka

Today I and some of our MCDC members attended the hearing on SB 458 at the Statehouse in Topeka.

Even though Senator Ostermyer reported his telephone calls were 300 to 1 in support of SB 458 the bill

was gutted proudly by the following seven (7) Senators! It was sent out of committee gutted. You need

to know who your friends are if you are one of us that wants state control over the illegal alien problem in

Kansas and it just got bigger. In the first place I heard the word "Kangroo Court" several times, I for one

should have thought of it. This "Kangraroo Court" was engineered by committee chairperson Senator

Pete Brungardt of Saline County, Kansas and his co hort John Vratil of Leawood. The following are the

Senators who voted to gut the bill and we need to retire them! With your help we will!

Senator Pete Brungardt, Committee Chair
(from Salina)
Office phone 785-296-7390

Senator Mark Gilstrap, Ranking Minority Member
(from Kansas City)
Office phone 785-296-7357

Senator Julia Lynn
(from Olathe)
Office phone 785-296-7382

Senator Roger Reitz, Committee Vice-Chair
(from Manhattan)
Office phone 785-296-7360

Senator John Vratil
(from Leawood)
Office phone 913-451-5100

Senator Karin Brownlee
(from Olathe)
Office phone 785-296-7358

Senator Marci Francisco
(from Lawrence)
Office phone 785-296-7365

These 2 Senators who are co-sponsors spoke in support of the bill. Thank them but tell the rest you will

see them in November!

Senator Jim Barnett
(from Emporia)
Office phone 785-296-7384

Senator Ralph Ostmeyer
(from Grinnell)
Office phone 785-296-7399

The committee and Brungardt was challenged several times by Senator Barnett as to the protocol of the

hearing. Senator Barnett and Senator Ostmeyer were the only persons on the committee that were for

the passage of SB 458 in its original form. The rest did the normal tap dance, blew smoke, tried to make

things seem harder than they actually are and all voted to gut the bill which they did for their buddies in

the Chamber et all. What you need to know if you do not is that the Chamber of Commerce all over

America wants "AMNESTY!" for the illegals and cheap labor for some of it's members, it's not just Kansas,

it's America and if they win in Kansas they take a step forward. Those seven (7) on the committee are

ooh so proud as they passed a bill out of committee. They say if it doesn't work out and if we need to

change it next year we will, folks next year Kansas will be more of a santuary state than we are now. It

will be too late! Every Senator or Representative that will be honest will tell you we are not the minority,

we are the majority and you the majority are being ignored just like with the US Senate and House for

the most part.

The bottom line is that they have taken the side of the Chamber of Commerce, the builders, the churches

(you have seen the list if you have not I will send it to you) and all of the organizations that are looking for

cheap labor, members and of course their votes to keep their sorry you know what's in office or in

business. What they do not know is that we vote tooooooo! And with your support we willllll !

But in the meantime the beat goes on and it commences on Friday with the Senate and we will see where

this goes. If you want something done act accordingly and if you are like me........you will be there to

show Senators Palmer, Barnette and Ostmeyer your support. In the meantime...you have the telephone

numbers etc., call these people who listen to big business and organizations and let them

know...........We outnumber them !!!!!! And we will prove it ! They are laughing at you and they do not

believe we can vote them out! We will show them! 300 to 1!

And please don't forget the house bills, a new one comes up on Monday, Representative Judy Morrison

introduces a HB to derail the NAFTA super highway coming through Kansas. We need to be on board

with other states that have done this!

Ed Hayes
Kansas and Missouri State Director
Heart of America Chapter Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
913 620 0771

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