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Illegal Immigration Forum Recap

The turnout for June 29th's first Illegal Immigration Forum was excellent. The event -- sponsored by the Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps -- was held at the Casey Community Center in Gaithersburg.

For those who were unable to attend, here's a brief recap of what happened:

Maryland State Director STEPHEN SCHREIMAN welcomed everyone, and gave
a short summary of the many problems illegal aliens are causing in Maryland in general, and Montgomery County in particular.

Labor economist PAUL MENDEZ used labor market statistics to show that Maryland does not need illegal workers, there is no such thing as a job Americans won't do, and that low wages make an economy less prosperous, not more.

Virginia Minuteman State Director GEORGE TAPLIN told how a group of politically unsophisticated but impassioned Virginia citizens organized themselves to fight an arrogant Herndon mayor and town council -- and won!

US Business & Industry Council research fellow ALAN TONELSON said the Minutemen are part of a growing, world-wide, grass-roots democratic revolution, the likes of which he has never seen in all his years of political experience. He advised that the battle has just begun, and we must become "single issue voters" on the subject of illegal

Immigration Reform Law Institute general counsel MICHAEL HETHMON spoke of unleashing the awesome power of trial lawyers against the corrupt businesses and governments that ignore the law. If you know any Americans who are being harmed by illegal immigration, tell them to contact Michael at attorney@fairus.com.

CHUCK FLOYD, Republican candidate for Montgomery County Executive, talked about how - if elected - he would make sure County resources were used for the benefit of citizens, not illegal aliens, and asked the crowd for its support in the upcoming elections.

ED WHITBRED gave an update on the upcoming visit of the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride to the Pentagon. (Details will be sent to you as they become available.)

MDMCDC Operations Director KEN ALDRICH spoke briefly about special ops Maryland Minuteman are currently conducting to combat the employment of illegal aliens. For security reasons he could not go into details, but Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps needs more volunteers to conduct these ops. If you are a vetted Minuteman (or
are willing to become one), are available from 6:00am to 9:00am, and are not afraid of assuming some potential physical risk, contact Ken at LibertyTree@comcast.net.

Read an article about this event, Click Here: http://www.gazette.net/stories/070506/montnew161037_31944.shtml

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