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Maryland Weekend Update

WELCOME to another Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Weekend
Update. We will be using these Updates to keep you informed of
MMCDC activities, and to give you practical suggestions on things
you can do about the growing problem of illegal aliens in Maryland.

All information about MMCDC activities in this Update is public, so
feel free to forward it to friends and family as concerned as you are
about illegal immigration.

The Gaithersburg City Council rejected two proposed sites for a Day
Labor Center this Wednesday (July 26th). Maryland Minutemen were
instrumental in swiftly rallying opposition against this shameful
misuse of our tax money. Even the local media gave us credit for the

Like their Revolutionary War namesakes, the Maryland Minutemen jumped
into action at a minute's notice. The day before the Council
meeting, MMCDC volunteers did a literature drop in the neighborhood
that would be impacted by the proposed Center and spoke with
residents who did not realize what was in store for their community
if they did not act. Turnout at the Council meeting was therefore
standing-room-only, and some in attendance were still carrying the
flyers prepared by MMCDC.

29 people made comments at the meeting. Of those, 19 were against
the center, 6 were for it, and 4 were neutral. Residents, business
owners and an apartment manager all spoke out against the Center on
legal, ethical and practical grounds.

Council members -- most of whom said they had initially been inclined
to vote for the Center site on 415 E. Diamond -- changed their mind
after hearing the nearly two hours of testimony. "The more we learn,
the less we know," said one.

Of course, we may have won an important battle but the war is far
from over. The Gaithersburg City Council has still not given up on
the idea of a Day Labor Center and continues to look for a site.
This is why MMCDC needs more volunteers, to continue to monitor the
situation and be ready to spring into action the next time action is
needed. Please call 301-741-4081 or email mmcdc@comast.net to learn
how you can become a fully vetted MMCDC "reservist."

Phase Two of Operation Fair Play - intended to document the activity
of CASA de Maryland - is nearly complete. Our operations team has
completed and documented over 1800 manhours of surveillance. Their
dedication and outstanding service is admirable. Their excellent
understanding of the Minuteman cause, cool response in times of
stress and the lessons learned during this operation will serve them
well as leaders in many of the new operations as we increase the
quantity and scope of our activities. Since this is an unsecure
means of communication, we cannot describe the operations being
planned, but they're going to be exciting and will definately make a
splash. Please consider joining our effort: call 301-741-4081 or
email mmcdc@comast.net.

He loves his country best who strives to make it best.
-- Robert Green Ingersoll

If you know of illegal aliens getting paid "under the table" who you
suspect are not paying income taxes, you can report them to the IRS
anonymously: 1-800-829-0433.

If you can't take an active part in future MMCDC operations, consider
making a small donation to cover costs of things like printing flyers
and maintaining our website. Send your check payable to "MMCDC" to
554 N. Frederick Ave., #155, Gaithersburg MD 20877.

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Maryland Chapter


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