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Fighting a Gaithersburg Day Labor Center

Montgomery County Violates Gaithersburg City Zoning in Support of Illegal Day Labor Site
GAITHERSBURG, MD (November 1, 2006)

In a September 20th letter to Bruce Romer, Chief Administrative Officer for Montgomery County, David Humpton, City Manager of Gaithersburg stated, "It is our understanding that some of the workers intend to start gathering at 17 North Frederick Avenue." This is not acceptable to the City because it is not an appropriate location, and it does not have the necessary zoning approvals...Accordingly, I am requesting that the County...grant limited agency to Gaithersburg City Police Department to enforce trespassing at this location."

Bruce Romer responded in a letter stating, "The County will not be asking the Gaithersburg City Police Department to enforce trespassing at the property we have leased at 17 North Frederick Avenue." Bruce Romer, with the full support of George Leventhal, President of the Montgomery County Council, is imposing his position that Gaithersburg will host a Day Laborer Center to promote employment of illegal immigrants. Mr. Romer and Mr. Leventhal are ignoring the wishes of the majority of the citizens of Gaithersburg and the laws that prohibit such an activity.

31 Day Labor Sites have been rejected in Gaithersburg, 29 by Property Owners and 2 by City Council. Why should the Citizens of Gaithersburg tolerate the problems associated with a day labor center in Old Gaithersburg?

It is time for Mr. Leventhal and Mr. Romer to consider the interests of Gaithersburg's citizens, who have worked for generations to develop Gaithersburg into a prosperous city with an outstanding quality of life. Why should Gaithersburg tolerate the profiteering of a few unscrupulous employers who abuse illegal immigrants with slave labor wages, degrade our residential communities, and cause an increase in crime and gang violence?

Let us together send a clear message to Mr. Leventhal and Mr. Romer. Creating a Gaithersburg Day Labor Center in support of illegal immigration is unacceptable! The legal citizens of Gaithersburg and surrounding communities are opposed to having Montgomery County's pandering politicians and their administrative front man use County leased property in Gaithersburg for activities in violation of City Law.

We have had enough of Mr. Leventhal and Mr. Romer and their attempts to force the citizens of Montgomery County to support their lawless positions. Their personal agendas in using our tax dollars to support radical groups like CASA of Maryland and illegal immigration is not acceptable. Use of 17 North Frederick Avenue, as an illegal worker pickup site is in violation of Gaithersburg zoning laws and a public safety hazard. Montgomery County needs to respect the sovereignty and legal jurisdiction of the City of Gaithersburg. Please contact Mr. Leventhal and Mr. Romer and tell them hands off Gaithersburg! No to illegal immigration and Day Labor Centers! Stop wasting our tax dollars!

George L. Leventhal
President Montgomery County Council
100 Maryland Ave, 6th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 777-7811

Bruce Romer
Chief Administrative Officer Montgomery County
101 Monroe Street
Rockville, Maryland 20850
(240) 777-2500

Stephen Schreiman
Maryland State Director

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