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Maryland Weekend Update - 1/12/06

...to the latest Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Weekend Update. We use these Updates to keep you informed of MMCDC activities, and to give you practical suggestions on things you can do about the growing problem of illegal aliens in Maryland.

All information about MMCDC activities in this Update is public, so feel free to forward it to friends and family as concerned as you are about illegal immigration.

Looks like Ike Leggett will try to put a new day laborer center on County property near the intersection of Shady Grove Road and Route 355, just over the Gaithersburg line. A group of concerned citizens is already mobilizing in response to this abuse of County power. Brad Botwin, the Director of "Help Save Maryland," who was heavily involved in developing the Shady Grove Master Plan, points out this valuable corner property was slated for hi-tech businesses and a badly needed firehouse. Now it will be used to abet law breaking and unfair labor competition by illegal aliens! (And to funnel more $$$ to CASA de Maryland, we might add!) For information about joining Help Save Maryland, send an email to Brad at:


Several speakers at Martin O'Malley's Town Hall meeting in Kensington on January 10 interrupted the chorus line of ICC-haters to question the governor-elect about the mounting costs illegal aliens impose on Maryland citizens. O'Malley's responses were typical political double-speak, but by the way he carefully chose his words and tried to find common ground it was clear he understand sthere is a growing grassroots opposition in Maryland to the pro-illegal lobby. Our job is to keep pouring on the pressure!

Two bills have already been introduced in Annapolis that you need to speak up about:

HB-6 (introduced by born-in-El-Salvador delegate Victor Ramirez of PG County) will give in-state tuition to illegal aliens who graduated from a Maryland highschool. This is the same bill Bob Ehrlich vetoed because it violates federal immigration law.

HB-11 will stop Maryland from issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. BUT (and this is a big BUT) it may allow the state to issue driver's PERMITS to illegals.

Your mission this week is to go to http://mdelect.net and identify your state delegates.

Then write them each a postcard saying you oppose HB-6 and support HB-11 -- BUT WITHOUT BOGUS DRIVER'S PERMITS FOR ILLEGALS!!!

You might as well make a note of the names, office numbers, phone & fax numbers and email addresses of your state senator and delegates. You're going to be contacting them a whole lot over the next year!

2007 might be the make-or-break year for America's future!

Defying predictions and political common sense, it looks like the Democrat-controlled Congress has made ramming massive amnesties and guest worker bills down America's throat a top priority for this year.

If they succeed, Bush will inevitably sign them and the public's anger will be unquenchable.

But even if the entire Congress were defeated in 2008 and/or a third party finally rises up, it will be too late. Tens of millions of illegal aliens will have been made into voting citizens, and you can't undo that.

It is your patriotic duty to ensure that 2007 does not become another 1860. If brave men & women can die in places like Iraq and Afghanistan for freedom, then you can sacrifice an hour or two each week to make some phone calls and write some letters. Pledge to do all you can to fight any immigration reform that does not secure our borders and grants amnesty to lawbreakers. Check NumbersUSA.com and call Tom Tancredo's Team America Hotline 703-255-0307 regulary and act when told. Stay strong. Stay informed. Stay in the fight.

The Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America represents a wide range of ethnic minorities with a common goal -- to educate the public about the adverse impact of today's record high levels of immigration:


"Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos." -- Will Duran

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