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Maryland Minuteman CDC Weekend Update

...to the latest Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Weekend Update. We use these Updates to keep you informed of MMCDC activities, and to give you practical suggestions on things you can do about the growing problem of illegal aliens in Maryland.

All information about MMCDC activities in this Update is public, so feel free to forward it to friends and family as concerned as you are about illegal immigration.

Join your fellow Maryland Minuteman Civil Defense Corps supporters on a trip to downtown DC on the afternoon of Sunday, April 22nd to participate in the Dustin Inman Society's Border Security/NO MORE AMNESTY Rally - Lafayette Park across from White House.

MMCDC volunteers will be at the Glenmont and the Grosvenor Metro stations at 2:00pm to meet you. Look for the blue MMCDC hats and American flags. Another group, Help Save Maryland (also fighting illegal immigration) will be gathering at the Shady Grove Metro station. Pick whichever station is most convenient for you. If you are not familiar with the Metro system or don't know your way around DC, you'll be with friends who can show you the ropes.

Parking is free at Metro lots on Sunday, and fares are reduced.

If you go alone, keep in mind that taking the Metro is much easier than finding parking downtown. Lafayette Park is near the Farragut North (Red Line) and the Farragut West and McPherson Square (Blue/Orange Lines) stations. The rally starts at 3:30. If you do drive, allow plenty of time for traffic and finding parking. Once you're at the rally, look for people with dark blue "MMCDC" hats to meet up with other Maryland folks.

As an added bonus, everyone parking at the Glenmont station on Georgia Avenue is invited to go to the Stained Glass Pub for pizza afterwards.

HB-6, the Maryland bill that would have granted in-state tuition to illegal aliens, died in Committee. And politicians are saying YOUR calls killed it!

"The Maryland Senate was flooded with phone calls from constituents who are against this bill and due to our combined efforts, HB-6 did not pass. Clearly, your activism was important and made a difference." -- Maryland Senator Andy Harris, 7th District.

If you made phone calls to Annapolis against this bill, feel proud of your accomplishment. And if you DIDN'T bother to call, resolve now to be a better patriot in the future, and act (instead of just whine) the next time your help is needed.

The pressure is building to pass a massive amnesty for illegal aliens this summer, along with a disastrous "guest worker" program that will ruin American workers and create a permanent underclass of serfs. Call Mikulski, Cardin & the White House and tell them that Bush's proposed amnesty for illegal aliens is 100% UNACCEPTABLE! Even if you have already done so, do it again! Get your friends and family to call. This battle will last all summer, but if we can stop amnesty in 2007, we won't have to fight this battle again until 2009 at the earliest. So keep calling!

White House: 202-456-1111
Mikulski: 202-224-4654

Also, if you have vacation property or family/friends in districts with REPUBLICAN representatives, put the pressure on them not to support amnesty, too. Nancy Pelosi has said she will not go out on a limb and support amnesty without a good number of Republicans behind her.

Two more opportunities to question Ike Leggett about his coddling of illegal immigrants: July 19 and September 27. Both will start at 7:30pm. We will let you know of locations when they are announced.

Despite what the media might lead you to believe, most Americans are on YOUR side when it comes to illegal immigration. A Zogby International poll conducted last month found that 66% of likely voters support using more law enforcement to stop illegal aliens. 79% are against publicly funded day laborere sites. And 72% think local police should help enforce federal immigration laws. Even 51.6% of Hispanics and 56.8% of self-described "liberals" think more emphasis should be put on enforcing laws against illegal aliens! To read the poll results, go to http://www.judicialwatch.org.

"To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing; unique, and fitted to his talents." -- Sir Winston Churchill

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