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Historic Rally in Raleigh on June 18th

Greetings to all North Carolina volunteers of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. I am writing to you today to discuss two issues of great importance to North Carolina in this and all citizens of the United States. On the heels of the tremendous victories achieved in the introduction, passage in signing of anti-illegal immigration laws by the governor of South Carolina last week. We realize we cannot rest on our laurels. Together, the MCDC working with ALIPAC and other pro-border security and pro-legal immigration groups in North Carolina, we are launching the Battle for NC anew!

Join Immigration Enforcement Groups for Historic Rally in Raleigh on June 18th - A diverse group of concerned citizens who represent the 80% of North Carolinians, which want the NC Legislature to take action to curtail illegal immigration in 2008, will gather for a rally and citizens lobby day in Raleigh on June 18, 2008

I am inviting all MCDC North Carolina volunteers to join me next Wednesday, June 18th for a day of citizen lobbying at the state Capitol. We will be walking the halls of the Capitol to encourage lawmakers in North Carolina to follow the lead of the legislatures of Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia and South Carolina in addressing the national crisis we find ourselves in, due to out of control illegal immigration.

We need your immediate help. We have tens of thousands of illegal aliens who will soon be migrating out of South Carolina and heading for greener grass here in NC. Our legislature is in the short session in Raleigh, NC for the next few weeks.

While the short session is usually just for the budget bills, we may have a chance of getting some immigration enforcement legislation through, if we work hard and as a team.

On Wednesday during the day, my goal is to stand with other leaders, and you the citizens of North Carolina to lobby for enforcement at the state Capitol. That evening, I wish to hold an informational leadership meeting with any and all Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers who can attend. The meeting will be held at a hotel meeting room near the state Capitol. The exact location is yet to be determined, and I will follow with another e-mail to let you know the specific location for the meeting.

Regardless of whether you can attend in person we need your help with two action items.

Action Item 1

We need massive amounts of calls and e-mails sent to the NC Legislature asking them to:

A. Put a stop to Representatives Luebke, Harrison, and Glazier's House Bill 2717 "Access to Higher education", which would force our colleges to not check the legal status of students and thus reversing the recent nationally covered decision of our Attorney General baring illegals from NC Community Colleges.

We can stop this bill in committee. Create your own message about why you feel illegal aliens should not be allowed in college and call each committee member at the following link. After you call each one to speak with the Representative, assistant, or voice mail, then send in your e-mail version of your message.

Sample Message (Craft your own distinct message)

"I'm calling Representative _____ to express my opposition to Representatives Luebke, Harrison, and Glazier's bill HB 2717. Illegal aliens should not receive any taxpayer benefits, especially college access. North Carolina is a top destination for illegals in America and the state must do all it can to protect taxpayer resources and turn off the magnetism drawing illegals to NC. Furthermore, it is outlandish to create even the possibility that a NC or American student would not get one of the limited seats in our colleges because of illegal aliens."

Please direct your calls and e-mails opposing HB 2717 to the House Committee on Education Members.

B. We need calls and e-mails going to all NC House and Senate Reps. asking for the following.

1. Please stop HB 2717. Illegal aliens should not be in NC Colleges.

2. Please amend this year's budget to stop illegal aliens from receiving any taxpayer resources that are not required by Federal law.

3. Please pass legislation encouraging NC businesses to use the E-Verify system to make sure all of their employees are legal.

4. Please attach language to the budget stating that no more tax monies should go to the La Raza front group El Pueblo. El Pueblo is receiving almost half a million dollars in tax monies each year in grants and is lobbying NC legislators for benefits for illegal aliens!

If you can contact each elected official by phone and then e-mail, then please do so.

If your time is very limited, please select ten House Representatives and ten Senators at random to contact.

All phone numbers and e-mails are located under the House and Senate Members section of

For further help crafting your own message, please see my letter to the NC officials at this link...

Action Item 2

Join us on the phones or in person on June 18th!


You will receive more details about this tomorrow.

In short, we need every group leader and concerned citizen we can get to join us early in the morning at the NC General Assembly on June 18.

We will be lobbying legislators, asking them to pass immigration enforcement legislation before they leave Raleigh, and warning them of the inbound illegals from SC.

** There will be a rally between 11:00am -1:00 pm featuring guest speakers who are group leaders and lawmakers.

We hope to have our national supporters ringing the phones off the hooks on the 18th, while we lobby on the ground.

*** We also hope to broadcast the rally live via streaming audio on the web.

Please make arrangements to join us on the 18th in Raleigh or to be available for intensive calls and e-mails on that day.

Please arrange your schedules to either be with us on the ground in Raleigh on the 18th or to dedicate as much of your day as possible to supporting phone calls. ALIPAC will send you phone and e-mail activism instruction early that morning and it will be important for us to have calls coming in from across America to support our ground efforts on the 18th.

If you have not made your NC calls for this week yet, please revisit the alert at this link to get those in as soon as possible to prime the pump.

NC Reinforcements needed!

Signs that are consistent with MCDC and ALIPAC's platform and American flags only are welcome at the rally, but not inside the building.

The Rally Podium is open to any NC Lawmaker supporting immigration enforcement and several are already scheduled to speak.

Keynote speakers include

William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Chris Simcox, Co-Founder of the Minutemen and President of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Ron Woodard, Director of NC Listen

Dan Smeriglio, President of Voice of the People USA (Hazleton, PA)

Lee Anthony Nieves of You Don't Speak for Me

Roan Garcia-Quintana, Director of Americans Have Had Enough (SC)

Mike Young of NC Voice

This event is also being supported by NC Minutemen and the Faith, Family, Freedom Alliance.

Citizens from across the state and nation will be calling NC lawmakers from home during the day on June 18 to ask for immigration enforcement.

The Rally will be broadcast live via streaming audio on the web. Visit alipac.us on June 18 for listening instruction.

Hope to see you in Raleigh on the 18th,
Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

North Carolina Contact Info

State Director

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