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2007 New Mexico Border Operations Announcement

We are coming to the end of a long hard winter and it is time for Minutemen to head south to the Border. The New Mexico Chapter of MCDC is announcing it’s month long Border Watch starting 1, April 2007. This is an important operation for many reasons. This is the 3rd. Anniversary of the original Minuteman Border Operation held in Cochise Co. AZ in April of 2005. In addition this operation gives America the chance to tell the new congress that it is still time to secure our borders. Our presence on the Border during this Operation will reinforce to that congress that we will accept nothing less than a secure border.

The New Mexico organization is really excited about this Operation as we have much new country to operate in, new camping areas that will provide many more comforts than we are used to , a bigger and more active leadership team and even more enthusiasm than ever before. We are looking forward to the return of our veteran Minutemen, and making more good friends with the new volunteers.

Veterans of the New Mexico Operations will remember many of the hardships endured in previous missions and will be pleased to know that the new camp will have running water, electricity, a wind break, and will be within easy driving distance of gas stations, laundries, grocery stores and all those modern conveniences we have done without in the past. In addition we will be running both day light and night operations.

Quasimoto, our State Director of Operations has done extensive pre mission scouting and we should be busy through out the month.

So load the truck and make your plans, we are going to “hold the Line” one more time.

NM Operations Headquarters Phone Number for the month of April is 505-546-9907

For detailed information on this Operation Please send an e-mail to nmvolunteer@yahoo.com or contact one of the New Mexico State Leadership Team Members listed below:

Bob Wright
NM State Director

Ray Thompson
Operations Director

Daryl Olson
Northern Chapter Leader

Cliff Milburn
Southern Chapter Leader

New Mexico Contact Info

MCDC of New Mexico

For Inquiries Contact:
National Administrator
of New Chapters

Lucy Garza

Central New Mexico Chapter

Northern New Mexico Chapter

Southern New Mexico Chapter

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