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Support Enforcing Immigration Laws


Suffolk Cty Exec Steve Levy is holding a meeting on August 22nd at 5:30 pm at the Caracappa Building, North Complex, 725 Vets Hwy in Hauppauge. This meeting is open to the public. He recently announced a plan to force county hired contractors to abide by immigration laws. 14 of the 18 legislature expressed support for this bill. As long as we are there to represent the law side of the argument, this bill should be passed. One of Levy's top aides expressed great interest to our own Eastern Suffolk Cty director Ron Lewandowski about us coming. He needs us there to ensure passaged of this bill. Depending on how many people show, each person should get 5 or so minutes to speak.


We will meet in the parking lot at 5pm to discuss strategy and see how many we are. Bring your flags and signs. Be smart though. Media will be there. No name calling, yelling or cursing. Signs should be short and to the point. Workplace Project will be there as well as other pro illegal groups. We need to be there in numbers to counter them.

These open border groups use tactics like bussing in illegals to swarm the meeting and prevent US citizens from attending the meeting due to fire codes and occupancy codes. They know every dirty trick in the book. Please come out for this meeting to show the media that US citizens are in control of this government and not illegal aliens and their masters.

Some have already responded they were coming, I need the rest of you to email me and let me know you are too.

Thank You,
Pete Lanteri
Phone: 631-839-1861
Email: MCDCNY@hotmail.com

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