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MCDC of New York Needs Your Help to Launch Ad Campaign

DONATIONS NEEDED To Help New York Minuteman CDC To Air
Illegal Immigration Border Security Ads in New York, Long Island Markets



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Media Video from
the New York Ads
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I am pleased to announce a new Ad campaign to air in Long Island NY. We are going to run television spots in order to educate the public about the real costs of illegal immigration and the effects it has on our society.

These spots will be modeled after political ads seen during elections. Two of our newest Minutemen own a production company on Long Island and have willingly donated their time and facilities to produce these commercials for free. I have personally seen some of their productions and they are professionally produced pieces. They are also familiar with the border situation and have produced pieces for companies that install equipment and train personnel on the border. The primary goal here is to educate the public and get them motivated to hound the do nothing politicians and also hounding the press.

The secondary goal is to increase volunteerism and attract new members. We witnessed how many new members joined after the marches by illegal aliens last year. That is why these spots will enlighten the public with nothing but the facts on a local, state and federal level. We wish to produce many different public service spots on a continuous basis. Also, the production company will be making us an intro DVD to hand out to prospective members so they can see us in action locally and at the borders.

These spots are going to cost us money and we need your support. Myself and other chapter members in the area agreed that we want to see these spots aired and have put together a lot of money between us to get the spots started.But it will take help from Minutemen and supporters all over the country to keep them going as long as we can! Our goal is to have enough funds to spread the ads from Long Island, to New York City and the metro area. This program will be a test case for the northeast. If it goes well and we see a positive response then we hope to spread this campaign across the north.

Too few people in the northeast know what is going on when it comes to illegal immigration. That is why these spots are so vital. There is nothing more important right now then to raise the publics attention to this issue!

Our new governor wants to give illegals drivers licenses. I don't know why he thinks that if they get drivers licenses they will then be lawful citizens and go out and purchase insurance. Many laws have been broken for people to come here then use fraudulent documents to obtain work but our New York Governor thinks illegal alien lawbreakers will be super citizens if we give them drivers licenses. These are some of the issues that will be in the ads and we have an endless supply of facts to use to drive the facts home.

Please help us make this test program a success so hopefully it can spread to other areas. Please donate to this cause.

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Thank You

Pete Lanteri
NY State Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

New York Contact Info

MCDC of New York

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Headquarters
Phone: 520-829-3112

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