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Lars Larson

Oregonians For Immigration Reform & Oregon Minuteman, Present:
Lars Larson "Live" at the Capitol (KXL Radio 750 am & All of Oregon)

Monday - Oct. 30th - 11 am - 3 pm

Join us and meet Lars and people that want your vote.

Illegal Immigration is finally an important issue this Election.

Meet Candidates in person & hear what they plan to do for us on this issue.

Speakers Invited to SpeakInclude:
All Candidates for Governor, on Ballot.
All Candidates for Oregon House & Senate, on Ballot.
All Candidates for U.S. Congress for OR., on Ballot

SHOW UP & SHOW the people in the Capitol & Radio & TV,
We want Oregon to STOP encouraging Illegal Immigration!

Limited Seating Provided. Please bring Signs, Water, Umbrella & Lots of Friends.


Addition to the list of speakers:

Derrick Kitts, State Representative, Dist. 30, and Candidate for Congress, 1st Dist.

Kitts is running against incumbent Rep. David Wu, who has a grade of D compiled from his voting records by Americans for Better Immigration.

Several outstanding leaders have agreed to call in to Lars Larson?s Program (KXL 750 AM) at the Capitol. It will be a pleasure and a privilege to hear from these:

Sheriff John Trumbo of Umatilla County, Oregon, who has spoken nationally on the high costs of incarceration of illegal inmates. He is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Col. Al Rodriguez, Founder of "You Don't Speak for Me", activist group of American Hispanics who oppose illegal immigration.

Dr. Rosalie Porter, Author of Forked Tongue, the Politics of Bilingual Education. Dr. Porter has spent over 25 years teaching primarily Spanish-speaking students English, using the successful Immersion model. Dr. Porter has a Ph.D. in Education and worked for the U.S. State Dept. in the field of language acquisition.

Mr. Glenn Spencer, Founder of American Patrol. Mr. Spencer lives on the Arizona-Mexico border. He patrols the border in his airplane with I.R./Night-Vision & three times has had backpackers with nuclear symbols walk from Mexico to Tucson, undeterred and undetained. He pioneered the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to watch border activity. He maintains a busy website with daily listings of news on immigration.

Oregon Contact Info

MCDC of Oregon

Oregon State Director
Ted Campbell
Phone: 503-551-6130
Email: TEDCSM@aol.com

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