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Oregon Regional Retreat Report

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Vice President Carmen Mercer and President Chris Simcox wish to thank Oregon State Director Ted Campbell and Oregon volunteers for organizing and hosting an informative and productive northwestern regional leadership conference held in Keiser, Oregon on Saturday, April 5. Present at the meeting were state and chapter directors from Oregon, Washington and Montana along with officers, potential new chapter directors and new volunteers.

Starting at 8 am the day-long marathon meeting went non-stop with a working lunch and ended at 5:30.

Following a Friday evening meet and greet at a local hotel,  Saturday's leadership workshop included, informative presentations by two Oregon State Representatives, Kim Thatcher and Linda Flores who have fought against drivers licenses for illegal aliens and working to insure proof of citizenship to register to vote. Elizabeth Godfrey, Assistant Field Office Director for Detention and Removal for I.C.E., also presented a PowerPoint presentation about the I.C.E. operations, procedures and the problems the agency faces in dealing with an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 illegal aliens in the Oregon and southwestern Washington region.

Jim Ludwick from OFIR gave an excellent presentation on citizen lobbying techniques and discussed the importance of collecting signatures for a state wide ballot initiative to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining drivers licenses. We encourage all Oregon and Washington state chapters and volunteers to put their full efforts into collecting these signatures.  We do the same in Arizona.  When we are not on the border we are working to collect signatures to enact laws that cannot be pushed through the state legislature or are vetoed by the governor.

Former Oregon State legislator, talk radio show host and MCDC pilot, Jeff Kropf, spoke to the group about his experiences working on the Arizona border.

Carl Nagle, State Director for Montana is planning our first border watch in his state.  Dates for the operation will be announced soon.

We appreciate all the efforts of the Patriots in Washington, Oregon and Montana whose activism is helping to take back America from elected officials and hoards of criminals that wish our destruction.





Oregon Contact Info

MCDC of Oregon

Oregon State Director
Ted Campbell
Phone: 503-551-6130
Email: TEDCSM@aol.com

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