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After Action Report

June 3, 2006
Hands Across the Border Rally, Philadelphia, PA

We had a pretty good day on Saturday. I was able to muster 20 Minutemen and our supporters to take part in the "Hands Across the Border Rally" in Philly. That's about half of those who signed up. Considering it was raining on and off all day, I'm very encouraged that we managed to pull the number we had.

We were supported by a detachment from NJ, thanks to State Director Frank Shallis, and his membership's dedication to the cause.

We set up on the corner in front of the Bourse Building where the Mexican Consulate maintains an office. The location could not have been better, we were directly across the street from the Liberty Bell, and a block from Independence Hall. Talk about operating on our home turf!

We passed out approximately 175 flyers. One contained highlights of Mexico's immigration laws (www.americandaily.com/article/13045 contains a pretty good overview), another contained highlights of the atrocities perpetrated by the Mexican government along it's southern border ( www.vdare.com/awall/060518_memo.htm ). I'll be posting the flyers we used in a few days for download. If anyone should need one before that, please call and I'll fax them out.

Most of the signs carried were directed, for the most part at the Mexican government. Slogans like "We didn't elect Fox", "Mexico out of US policy", "Mexican Citizens have rights in Mexico" were used.

I'd have to say we were supported by 98% of the people passing by. There's always the few "fingers" from passing motorists (I counted 2), or the totally ignorant who see no difference between legal and illegal immigration. Thankfully, as usual, these people are in the minority.

Being this is a "touristy" area, many of the people stopping by to take a flyer and "chat" were from out of town. Hopefully they will be bringing our message back to their home states and communities and keep the pressure on from there.

I'd like to thank all those who gave up their Saturday afternoon to support this effort. Without these people, our movement dies.

Walter Adams
Minuteman CDC Pennsylvania State Director
Phone: 215-478-1281
Email: bucksccmm@comcast.net

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