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Specter Hearings, after action report

As expected, Specter pulled off a total dog and pony show with his "immigration reform hearings". The hearings were stacked heavily in favor of legalizing criminals who's very first action on American soil was to break our laws.

About the only speaker we had in our favor was our own Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazelton, PA. You want "America's Mayor"? We have him right here. Mayor Barletta, whom I've had the privilege of talking with a few weeks ago, spoke about the effects these invaders are having on his small town.

Stacked against him were elitist traitors like Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC, who claims NYC's very economy would collapse if the illegals were deported. Personally, I think Mayor Mike should take a tour of his city, it looks as if it has ALREADY collapsed. Thanks to the crushing weight the illegals are having on an already over-stressed system, the city is a shadow of its former self. One can't drive down a street in any of the Boroughs without ripping the bottom from their car, the homeless are EVERYWHERE and violence is on the rise. This elitist RINO (Republican In Name Only) can't see the forest for the trees.........

I'm still getting reports in from people inside the meeting, and will update everyone as information comes my way. I was out front staging our own resistance with a small protest. FAIR US, PA Minutemen, They Don't Speak For Me, United Patriots of America, and of course, members of MCDC were all in attendance.

I managed to get 2 newspaper interviews and some air time on The Jim Lehrer News Hour. Inside we weren't "allowed" to speak, outside was a different story. I managed to get the message of "Border enforcement FIRST, Border Enforcement ONLY, and Border Enforcement NOW!" to the American public.

Walter Adams
Minuteman CDC Pennsylvania State Director

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