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Mexican President Calderon says: "Mexico does not end at its borders."

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers are thinking "Well, where DOES Mexico end, if it is not at its borders?" Calderon continued by stating in his recent state-of-the-nation speech: "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." Read the entire article, entitled "President Vows to Fight for Rights of Mexicans". Here is the link: http://www.star-telegram.com/279/story/222294.html.

Is Senor Calderon's statement, about Mexico being wherever there are Mexicans, a veiled invasion threat? How would a third-world country successfully attack the world's only superpower? By sending us their "agents" in massive numbers to overwhelm our social services, our schools, and our hospitals. We are not guarding our border and many of our citizens, including many elected officials, have no will to do so.

Those who study history know that in the 1930s, soon after Adolph Hitler took power, he declared that Germany did not end at her borders but anywhere and everywhere there were Germans. It was just a few years later that Nazi Germany took control of the independent country of Austria without a shot being fired. Should the United States take this history lesson, from over sixty years ago, and apply it here? There are those who feel that at the VERY LEAST, Mexico is illegally meddling in the internal affairs of the United States. There is a growing contingent of Americans that believe that what Mexico has been doing to us (shipping its poorest citizens AND its criminals to us) is an ACT of WAR. Now, no one in MCDC is advocating a declaration of war on Mexico or any other nation. But, let's stand up for our country!

The United States has immigration laws that should be enforced vigorously. We have the most liberal immigration policies of any other country in the world. The U.S. accepts about 1-1/2 million legal immigrants every year, more than all the other nations of the world, combined. But, this gracious, welcoming policy is not sustainable in an atmosphere where millions flagrantly violate our laws and enter our country illegally, many to commit crimes against our citizens.

If you are interested in peacefully doing what you can AT THE BORDER to call attention to this massive invasion of our country, I urge you to attend the Texas border watch October 1st-31st, near Mission, Texas. Come for a day, a weekend, a week, or the entire month, but come. We need your help. The U.S. Border Patrol has seen the National Guard numbers cut in half during the last month. The Border Patrol now, more than ever before, needs our eyes and ears.

For more information contact the Texas State Director, Clark Kirby: clark@minutemanhq.com.

Texas Contact Info

Texas State Director
Clark Kirby


Spanish Language Media Liaison
Mrs. Rachel Kownslar

email: rachelkownslar@att.net

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