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. Mission: To secure United States borders and coastal boundaries against
unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Texans aided

TEXANS AIDED BY PATRIOTS FROM FAR-AWAY STATES 10/18 A new line has been set up on the private property along the banks of the Rio Grande. This line is the one that the Texas director was viewing on 9/29 when he jumped down to the banks of the river and suffered his broken leg. In fact, one post on this new line is now called the "crash site" in honor of this tumble from the jumble of fallen trees. There is great satisfaction that where we lost one volunteer, we have put many others to take his place. Without our Texas volunteers, the border watch would not be as successful. But, there are a good number of out-of staters adding to the numbers manning the watchposts along the Rio Grande. While not all MCDC volunteers are able to attend, many patriots are making the sacrifice. While some Texans say it is just too far to drive to the "Valley", there are many who drive much greater distances than any Texan. One such volunteer is Chris S. of North Carolina. Chris is one of our youngest volunteers and he does not have the funds with which many of us are blessed. He took the bus last Friday afternoon and arrived in Mission, Texas the following Sunday morning. Yes, that is a day and a half on the Greyhound bus. Each way. When he got here, he brought the most rudimentary of equipment: a tent and a sleeping bag. Other than a change of clothes and a shaving kit, he brought little else. His eyes and ears have been added to those other intrepid souls trying their best to make a difference. Chris told me that he registered as a volunteer because he is tired of the crime caused by illegal aliens in North Carolina. He has read in the papers about the murders committed by those who are not supposed to be here. He is amazed that our government seems to be doing nothing to stop this outrage. So, he wants to do what he can, with limited means but with a big love for his country. He left his parents at home and traveled to the Texas border to do what he can to serve his country. He is a simple man with a simple dream: a secure border. Chris is on a limited budget but he estimates his expenses at about $500 for his week on the border. He thinks it is money well spent. Last night, Chis was thrilled to be on the line when a group of suspected illegal aliens crossed the levee where he and his fellow volunteers were set up. The Border Patrol was called and within twenty minutes, the BP was on site, tracking the sighting location. Last we heard the Border Patrol was hot on the heels of those who entered our country without our permission. Won't you make the sacrifice and join Chris and our other patriotic volunteers, still holding the line at the Rio Grande? For more information as to where, when, etc. please visit the Texas (Chapter) Page of the National Website. Here is a link: http://www.minutemanhq.com/state/index.php?chapter=tx Clark Kirby Texas State Director Minuteman Civil Defense Corps clark@minutemanhq.com

Texas Contact Info

Texas State Director
Clark Kirby


Spanish Language Media Liaison
Mrs. Rachel Kownslar

email: rachelkownslar@att.net

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