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Texas ICE Raids Continuing

Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in Texas continue despite Hispanic advocacy groups’ demands that they end. Late last month, Action Rags USA was raided by up to 200 Federal agents making it the second immigration raid in the Houston area in recent months. The early morning raid resulted in the initial detention of at least 170 of the reported 240 workers in the facility. That is 70% of the company''s workforce at that plant. I don''t know about you but I have never worked at a company that has ever been raided. The implications are that the ones detained may be working illegally in this country, taking jobs from American citizens. More than one was reportedly hiding from authorities when the agents arrived on site. One of these was hospitalized after accidentally falling from a stack of pallets on top of which she tried to hide.

A relative of one suspected illegal worker told the reporter: "The people here are just working. They're not doing anything wrong. These women are hard workers; they're not criminals." I will vehemently differ with this man, whose reported response is typical of "apologists" for criminal behavior. This apologist is only correct that the arrested workers have yet to be convicted as criminals, but I suspect that is coming.  But, my main point is that the government would not have had "probable cause" to arrest anyone if the agents did not have something other than a suspicion that the workers were breaking the law.  Document fraud and identity theft is a felony, with serious prison sentences and fines given to those convicted. Be assured that once the government convicts the illegal aliens for document fraud and immigration violations, they will use this as evidence to go after the owners and managers of Action Rags USA. So, stay tuned fellow patriots!

If you would like to read the Houston Chronicle’s online report of the raid, click on this link:     http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/5855264.html

By Clark Kirby, Texas State Director (7-11-08)

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