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A joint letter to Senator Bennett

Dear Senator Bennett,

On behalf of the Utah Republican Assembly, the Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration, the Southern Utah chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and the Dixie Republican Forum, we call on you to immediately announce your opposition to S. 1348, the Kennedy/Bush amnesty bill.

We are very concerned that you have recently indicated that you intend to vote for the Amnesty Bill. Such a vote in favor of S. 1348 would be a violation of your constitutional duty as a Senator to pass laws to defend our nation's borders, would allow millions of illegal alien felons to remain in our country indefinitely, and would be a slap in the face
to the patriotic 95% of your constituents who have called your office asking you to oppose the bill.

We vigorously object to your claim that St. George is "dependent" on illegal alien labor. St. George was a peaceful, prosperous city before the recent illegal alien invasion and will continue to flourish after the illegals leave or are deported. The real, public costs of illegal immigration --in violent crime, identity theft, drug trafficking, school and hospital overcrowding, etc. --far outweigh the ill-gotten benefits that those in land development, home building, and money lending have obtained from illegal alien workers.

It's not too late to change your position and announce that you have heard from your constituents, loud and clear, and that you will vote against S. 1348.

You will then have the full support of the vast majority of Utah's citizens as you honor your oath and your nation by coming out in favor of border enforcement now, combined with no amnesty and the complete elimination of benefits for those who have broken our laws and stolen our identities in order to work in our country. Now is the time of choosing and we ask that you stand for America's citizens, rather than those who have silently invaded our land.


Larry Meyers, Utah Republican Assembly

Jim Flohr, Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration

Jon Koski, Southern Utah Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Don Graves, Dixie Republican Forum

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Jonathan Koski

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