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Rally Against Matricula Cards August 11th

The following a note from Jim Flohr of the Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration:

We have learned a number of things about demonstrations, since we have participated a number of times this past year. I thought I would share a number of pointers that will make our gathering next Saturday August 11th at the Wells Fargo Bank, at 9:00 AM an exciting successful experience.

The reason we are protesting, is because the Guatemalan Consular General is issuing matricula cards to illegal aliens for identification purposes. A legal immigrant has no need for such a card, they already have the proper identification. Illegal aliens can use the card to open a bank account, apply for a driver privelege card, use it to obtain welfare services and hand it to the receptionist at the emergency room.

Wells Fargo has been instrumental in organizing this event. They have received the registration information from prospective applicants, arranged for the Consular General to set up his office at the Catholic Church to accept the applications, take pictures and prepare the matricula card.

We will have 14-18 posters and signs, and issue them Saturday morning. (Please return the signs, so we can use them again in November when the Mexican Consular General will be in St.George) If you want to make your own, have at it, asking questions such as "Why does Wells Fargo support illegal immigration"? "Doesn't Wells Fargo know the meaning of illegal"?

Jon Koski's Utah Minuteman Group will be demonstrating with us. We're in this battle together, bring your children to hold a flag or a small sign. Every demonstration is a learning experience.

Here are a few pointers:

* Dress properly, with cool cloths, it may be hot by noon, a brimmed hat and sunglasses will help, and having a bottle of water available will satisfy your thirst.

* Remain on the sidewalk (public property), not on private property, and do not venture out into the street.

* Hold your sign high and wave and smile enthusiastically to passing motorists.

* If the media is present, and they approach you, answer questions briefly and smartly as possible.

* Public Safety will be patrolling the area to guarantee "our safety".

* Last but not least, bring your U.S. flags, big or small makes no difference.

* If you have trouble standing for any length of time, bring a folding chair, but do not sit in the middle of the sidewalk, we must not obstruct the public walkway.

It's a fun time to express our concerns about the tragic events going on. Remember - Silence is Consent!

Hope to see you there, Jim Flohr VC CCII

Utah Contact Info

Southern Utah Chapter

Chapter Director
Jonathan Koski

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