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'Minutemen' hold inaugural meeting

Illegal immigration stirred up more discussion Thursday night in Culpeper.

About 40 people gathered for the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps’ first meeting at the VFW Post 2524 on Sperryville Pike.

“We are not here to talk about immigration,” said George Taplin, the chapter’s Virginia director. “We are here to talk about ways to alleviate the symptoms and problems that occur as the results of the immigration policies.”

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Taplin explained the reasons residents should attend local meetings and force local elected officials to take action against illegal immigration.

Taplin, a data analyst from Herndon, also spoke on the responsibilities of zoning laws and fielded questions from the audience.

“If you can’t enforce zoning laws to prevent the abuse of the culture in this town,” Taplin said, “then get a new set of legislators.”

Taplin proceeded to read from the Town Council Web site.
“The Town Council, as the governing body for the town of Culpeper, sets policies and establishes ordinances for the general safety, health and welfare of its citizens,” Taplin read.

“Not the illegal aliens,” Taplin argued, “but the citizens. Why are they bending over backward allowing this to go on?”

Instead of talking about immigration, Taplin said, he wanted to discuss what happens in small communities as a result of poor immigration policies resulting from non-enforcement of immigration laws.

“We want to maintain our sovereignty. We want to stop the flow of illegal aliens. We want to stop the importation of terrorists, illegal drugs, gang members,” Taplin said. “We want to enforce all of the laws equally across the board.”

Two Culpeper County supervisors, Steve Nixon of West Fairfax and Larry Aylor of Cedar Mountain attended the meeting. Town Councilman Steve Jenkins was there too.

“I will not in any way, shape or form turn my head and tolerate individuals that are here illegally in this community,” Jenkins said. “I won’t do it.”


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