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unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Hearings to be Held in Washington

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) this week announced the list of border security field hearings that will take place in the month of August. Eight House committees will be holding nineteen hearings that will take place in twelve different states.

The following is the hearing to be held in Washington.

We need your help now!

Minutemen supporters and volunteers: please be sure to attend these Congressional hearings in your area and interact with the Members of Congress and their staffs.  This is not a request to protest, but to attend the hearings, and talk with Congressmen to help inform them and make your voice heard.

Let them know that you are a Minuteman or support the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and you want the borders secured NOW.

Inform them that because of broken faith we do not trust the government to secure our borders, that any guest-worker Amnesty must not be in any new legislation, that they must PROVE that the borders are secured before any deliberations will commence on what to do with the estimated 12-30 million people already here illegally.

Let them know clearly that terrorist groups like al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas and their facilitators in Iran and Syria know what we all know—that our borders are disgracefully and dangerously open to penetration by our enemies.  Impress upon them that the American people will not tolerate this national security risk any longer.  We will not stand idly by and let political pandering jeopardize our safety and sovereignty.

Secure the borders FIRST, NOW, and ONLY.  Prove it.

Save The Date!  Be sure to attend!

August 8th in Bellingham, WA
Homeland Security Committee
What are the border infrastructure successes since passage of the REAL ID Act and the 9/11 Commission Implementation Act, and what challenges still exist?”
Witnesses: *Mr. Thomas Hardy, Director of Field Operations, Seattle Field Office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection *Mr. Ronald Henley, Chief Patrol Agent, Blaine Sector, U.S. Customs and Border Protection *Major General Timothy J. Lowenberg, Adjutant General of Washington, Washington National Guard *Hon. Dale Brandland, Senator, Washington State Senate *Mr. David B. Harris, Director, International and Terrorist Intelligence Program, INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. *Ambassador Martin Collacott, Senior Fellow, The Fraser Institute *Mr. K. Jack Riley, Director, Homeland Security Center, RAND Corporation  *Mr. Gregory Johnson, President, Chapter 164, National Treasury Employees Union
Location: Bellingham City Council Chamber, 210 Lottie Street in Bellingham, WA at 1:00 pm PDT.
Contact: 202-226-9600
Results of the Hearing
Experts agree that border security "is a matter of considerable importance" on our Northern Border
Border officials: Technology could aid security
County border security needs outlined

For more information, contact:
House Republican Conference Press Office
202a Cannon HOB
(202) 226-9000
www.gop.gov/bordersecurity <http://www.gop.gov/bordersecurity>

Washington Contact Info

MCDC of Washington

State Director
Joseph L. Ray

Vetting Director
Hal Washburn
(253) 857-9151

Volunteer Facilitator/Recruiting Director
Ray Knight

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