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Washington Call to Muster

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Washington Chapter of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are hereby notified of, and requested to make themselves available for our October, 2006 month-long border vigil commencing on Sunday, October 1, 2006 and running through Tuesday. October 31, 2006.

The aforementioned muster on Sunday, October 1st  will mark the 1 year anniversary of the founding of our Minuteman Chapter here in Washington State.  Last October 1st,  a “skeleton crew” of 10 to 12 hearty souls began our first month of operations by committing to perform a border vigil for the entire month. ( These brave 10 to 12 patriots were never all present at the same time.)  At the close of operations for that first month, our numbers had grown to approximately 33, counting everyone who had come up to Headquarters and at least stood one post during the month.  We were inundated with media crews throughout that 1st month of operations; many of them Canadian, and most of them harboring a negative pre-supposition of who we were and what we intended.

The word was out that Minutemen were armed, violent vigilantes with racial prejudices.  Last October we stood post day & night, experimenting with our night-vision, our 5 million candlepower spotlights and our GMRS radios.  Our Chapter Leader, Tom “Skipper” Williams, Bear and Hal all had some doubt at the end of the first week as to whether we could make it through the month!  Those doubts melted away as we got our 2nd wind, discovered HAM radios with the help of Guy Skeer & Eric Davis and dazzled the press with “smoke & mirrors”, an art that both Claude ( Bear ) and “Skipper” are masters of.  Our opposition kicked into high gear and easily got the City of Bellingham to condemn us. They next went to the Whatcom County Council, and that is where they met up with Councilwoman Barbara Brenner, an anomaly; an honest seeker of the truth who refused to cave in to the demands of the rabid hordes of college kids, the ACLU and the numerous organized groups of Hispanics, anarchists and open-border coalitions. Whatcom County Council refused to condemn the Minutemen for lawfully exercising their rights as Americans.  We got to know the U.S. Border Patrol and the local County Sheriff, Bill Elfo, and mutual respect developed on both sides.

Well, here we are one year later. Our numbers have more than tripled, and we have become a very effective deterrent to those that would violate our laws by crossing our borders illegally.  We have more than 15 licensed HAM radio operators, several 3rd generation night vision instruments, and we have won the battle with the opposition.  Our wonderful “Women of Whatcom” have developed surveillance techniques that the Border Patrol are envious of!!  We have identified leaders among us like Shawna Forde, Bob & Kathy Dameron and Rody Martin, and we are now getting into confronting employers who break our laws by knowingly hiring illegal aliens. We are encouraging small cities and towns to go on the offense against American employers and landlords who knowingly harbor illegal aliens before these invaders bankrupt these municipalities and/or cause them to raise taxes on hard-working American citizens.  The members of Washington Chapter of MMCDC are now a common and welcomed site along the border in Whatcom County.

Our membership is growing thanks to the efforts of Rody Martin and others!

WE WANT YOU !!  We have a special place on the border reserved for you! Please come and join us this coming October and help in sending our message to our elected officials:






Come from Washington!    Come from Idaho!

Come from Montana!     Come from Oregon!

Come for a day, come for a weekend, come for a week or a month!!

You’ll feel better if you do, and we guarantee it will be an experience you’ll never regret!

Our initial muster will be at 09:00 A.M. on Sunday, October 1st at Camp Standing Bear, 7030 Valley View Road, Ferndale, WA.  Training will be provided that morning and on other mornings for those coming to the border for the 1st time.  We will be conducting both daylight and night operations along the border.  Bring binoculars, lawn chair, water and munchies, cell phone, camera and suitable clothing. ( It gets chilly in October)  Flags are good too! Old Glory gets lots of waves and honks from both sides of the border!  Weapons are not needed; it’s peaceful up here, but if you have a current WA. State concealed pistol permit, you may exercise your 2nd Amendment right. Keep in mind that an unholstered weapon is cause for dismissal.  There is adequate room at headquarters for trailers, 5th wheels, RV’s or tents.  There are inexpensive motels nearby in Ferndale and Birch Bay.

If you have any questions or need assistance in some way, please contact Chapter Leader, Claude ( Bear ) LeBas at (360) 366-4047 or Hal Washburn at (253) 857-9151.

I-5 N to exit # 266, head West on Grandview for approx. 2 ½ miles to Valley View on right.  Go right on Valley View for approximately ¼ mile, Camp Standing Bear will be on your right. Look for the flags!!

Washington Contact Info

MCDC of Washington

State Director
Joseph L. Ray

Vetting Director
Hal Washburn
(253) 857-9151

Volunteer Facilitator/Recruiting Director
Ray Knight

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