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unlawful and unauthorized entry of all individuals, contraband, and foreign military.
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Washington Border Watch Announcement


Our next official border watch event will be conducted over the weekend of Nov. 18th & 19th.

The initial muster at Camp Standing Bear (*) will be held at 09:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, Nov. 18th.

We will be manning our posts for both daytime & evening operations.

The elections will be over, although perhaps not decided, and it will be time to once again bombard our Senators and Representatives pleading for sanity and secure borders.

We must continue to make the loudest statement possible by standing and observing on our Nation's borders; doing the job our government refuses to do!

We will continue to be highly visible in our positions and receive thanks from those who support us and endure the wrath of those who favor continued chaos and amnesty!

The future of our Nation is at stake, and there is no one else willing to keep this life or death struggle in the public arena.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain how our 24/7/365 border vigil functions:

Camp Standing Bear, the personal residence of Claude and Rochelle LeBas, is available every single day of the year for Minutemen wishing to assume a post on the Canadian border.

WITH NOTICE, any trained Washington Minuteman can report to Camp Standing Bear and go from there to any of our approved positions along the border between Blaine & Sumas, WA. to stand vigil.

All that is required is that we notify Border Patrol and the County Sheriff of your name, position, vehicle description and starting and ending times of watch. Constant communications will be maintained between yourself and our HQ while on watch. Only experienced Minutemen in teams of two will be allowed to conduct night operations.

We do this so that Minutemen, who are unable to attend the official musters each month, can pick their own days & times to stand watch. And, if you're like me, sometimes you just have the irresistible urge to get out on a beautiful day and refresh your soul by doing what, in your heart, you know is right! Alone, we are just one, but united we can change the world! The little that each of us does on our own, when combined with what other like-minded countrymen do, is a very powerful force!

As an organization, we will be engaged in other activities from time to time, such as protests, hearings, etc. and, when we do these things, we need a high percentage of participation from our ranks. But, standing watch on our Nation's borders is what makes the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps what it is today; a highly effective organization with political goals.

(*) Camp Standing Bear - 7030 Valley View Rd., Ferndale, WA.

I-5 N to exit # 266, go left (west) on Grandview for approx. 2 miles to Valley View on your right. Go right on Valley View over the hill approx. mile to Camp Standing Bear on the right. Look for the flags.

See you in Selah!

253) 857-9151

Washington Contact Info

MCDC of Washington

State Director
Joseph L. Ray

Vetting Director
Hal Washburn
(253) 857-9151

Volunteer Facilitator/Recruiting Director
Ray Knight

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