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Another Monster Layup Discovered by

We are all breathing a sigh of relief today as the Senate defeated the Amnesty Bill, but the USA is still being invaded!

We discovered on of the biggest layups we have ever found. This layup is on a super highway from Mexico to the USA (Tucson). This layup area is located in a wash area and is approximately of a mile long.

We guess there are over 3000 back packs in this layup area! And as you can see in this picture, fresh footprints leading right into it.

As I kept walking down the wash, I was sure it was going to end just ahead, but I kept walking and walking, and around every corner was more and more trash!

Is this America the Beautiful? Or is this a landfill? The trash left behind by the illegals is one of the worst Environmental Disasters to ever hit the USA

And of course the trail leading out of the layup area heading NORTH to Tucson, and then on to your town in Anywhere, USA.

Rest assured the MCDC Arizona Chapter is already planning the next operation in this area. Are you going to sit home and complain about the immigration issue, or are you going to get out of your computer chair and make a difference?

Tucson Chapter Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

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