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Green Valley, AZ: This is what is happening in our backyard!
Do you believe the rhetoric? Do you really believe President Bush when he says, "These are just hard working people coming here to better their life?" [Read More]

I went with an open mind to see what it was all about...
My trusty 90 lbs Belgian Malinois and I went to the border on Friday afternoon and checked in at the MINUTEMAN headquarters 38 miles north of the border on a private ranch that has requested their services. [Read More]

Monster Layup Pictures!
Another Monster Layup Discovered by MCDC AZ SEARCH & RESCUE [Read More]

Minutemen take on "Devils Pass"
Members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Tucson Chapter backpacked into the mountains south of Tucson this past weekend for a routine scouting mission. Our intel led us to believe this area was a hotbed for illegal alien smuggling, and we were right! [Read More]

Minutemen Shock and Awe in Green Valley, AZ
This past weekend the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps quietly slipped into position in the small southern AZ town of Green Valley. It was true Shock and Awe for Green Valley residents. [Read More]

AZ Search & Rescue Team - Green Valley
Members of the Arizona Search and Rescue Team were on a scouting mission yesterday in the Green Valley area. While marking GPS locations and cutting sign on Illegal Alien trails, they stumbled upon something interesting. [Read More]

KTAR Radio Host on the Border with MCDC Volunteers
When KTAR radio talk host Darrell Ankarlo arrived at the "Lay-Up" area with the Minutemen last week, he was surprised to discover an illegal alien by the name of Armando, left to die in the hot desert of Arizona. [Read More]

Closing weekend at the California border for April 2007
Here it is, Friday the last weekend of our April month long muster at camp Vigilance in Boulevard, CA. [Read More]

Thank you Minutemen For Your Service and Patriotism
Thanks to the more than 2000 volunteers whose hard work and courageous efforts at the border in AZ, CA, TX, NM, WA, NH and NY has made America safer, and has continued to focus the public mind and the federal government on the crisis of the on-going illegal alien invasion of our nation. [Read More]

Unexpected Guests
During closing ceremonies and BBQ luncheon of the Arizona April Operations, 4 illegal aliens became the unexpected guests of the Minutemen. Two men and a mother with her daughter we so enticed by our Head Chef Carla's cooking that they elected to give up their quest for amnesty and stop in for a bite to eat. [Read More]

Border Watch Operations: "Very Sophisticated"
Wednesday April 25th, 2007 was considered the most advanced operations of any MCDC operation to date, according to a few MCDC veterans, and Border Patrol agents participating stated that our operation was "very sophisticated." [Read More]

April Operations in Washinton State
The month of April began with a snow storm along the northern border with British Columbia. Since then, the weather has fluctuated between rainy and partly sunny. With the spring comes the preparation of the berry fields for planting and an influx of illegal aliens coming to Whatcom County to work in the fields. [Read More]

Minutemen Save Lives
A Border Operations Report from Arizona - April 10, 2007

The Arizona Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) and other MCDC Volunteers from all over the country are 32 miles from the Mexican border in a little town called Three Points, AZ (southwest of Tucson) during the April Border Watch operations. The illegal aliens have been walking 3+ days in the desert by the time they reached Three Points. [Read More]

An All Too Common Occurrence
A Border Operations Report from Texas - April 20, 2007

On Tuesday, April 17th, a routine event took place on the border. The victim, statistics show, was young, female, and of Latin American descent. We do not know her name and never will. She suffered, most likely, in silence. If she is still alive, she will suffer for the rest of her life. Evidence of her humiliation and subjugation was left at the scene for all to see - her underclothes hanging from the branch of the tree under which the detestable crime was committed. "Rape Trees" are a visible reminder of the dangers of our unsecured borders. [Read More]

Greetings From Camp Vigilance
A Border Operations Report from California - April 18, 2007

There is so much to report, I almost don't know where to start. Our second full week at Camp Vigilance was a smashing success. To date this month we have spotted and reported more than 225 illegal invaders coming across the border. Virtually every shift we are seeing traffic with groups as large as 30. The scouts are holding positions above the valleys and calling out to the illegal's on how to avoid us which of course would work, if they only knew where all of "us" were. [Read More]

Report From the Texas Border - April 11, 2007
As of today we have had 45 volunteers sign in. We are running one line with 6 posts tonight with a minimum of 3 per post. Tonight the shift will run until 0200 hrs. [Read More]

Report From the Texas Border - April 10, 2007
Today our line is out in dense fog and sitting the line. It is still cool and wet and muddy. We have been scouting for new posts; but have been somewhat hampered by mud. [Read More]

One MCDC Female's account while participating in the April month long Muster at the the Mexican / American border
Patriotism actions do not mean you have to convert to ugliness -you can be a pretty, feminine patriot even when serving your country at the border with the bugs, wind, and other eliments that are not so comfortable to some of us. [Read More]

Update from the Arizona Lines: April 7, 2007
Never has it been so critical for our mission and operations. I know you have heard from our President, Border Patrol Officials in Washington, and the media that the numbers of crossers are down, and our borders are secure, BUT they are WRONG! The saying goes that you have to see it to believe it, and that couldn't be truer. [Read More]

Texas Border Report: Monday 04/10/07
We are running a line this morning in the rain again. Our volunteers have had to deal with record cold temperatures and a lot of rain. Being the true patriots they are, they are manning their posts outside of their vehicles with a good sense of humor. [Read More]

Update: Texas Operations are Vital
The citizens of the Rio Grande Valley have requested that we come to their aid. They are tired of being affected on a daily basis by the rising crime rates and the degradation of their property values. They cautiously approach us because they fear for their very lives. [Read More]

Opening weekend report from Arizona
105 regular volunteers registered and participated in the first 60 hours of border observation shifts. 23 supervisors managed the operation, set up camp, etc. A total of 128 volunteers have worked in one capacity or another. Opening ceremonies included a fly over of our two Minuteman airplanes. [Read More]

On the Border...The Silent Invasion
I had the extreme priviledge and honor to serve on the same post with Chris Simcox, the President and Founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Last night (Saturday), we were running three lines of about 1 to 2 miles long each. Our line was the Bravo line, and 4 of us set-up around a major traffic area where 2 paths cross each other.[Read More]

Commit What You Can
As a volunteer who not only works a full time job, but a side part-time job, I still make the time to volunteer on the border when my schedule permits. I have heard from so many people the inquiry - "How much of a commitment is required"? I always reply of the volunteer knowledge that I hold, " As little or as much as you desire."[Read More]

Ken's Weekend at the Border
It has been a little over 2 months since my last report, so I will try to catch all of you up on what is going on down at "Camp Vigilance" in California's Wild Wild West on the border of California and Mexico.[Read More]

Heavy Traffic Continues
The Three Points, AZ area continues to be the hot spot along the border for illegal crossings. The trend is slowly pushing towards the west deserts of Arizona, but foot prints don't lie. Most of the trails in the Three Points area are being heavily traveled. [Read More]

Two immigration agents to be stationed in northern Arizona
Two immigration agents will begin working Monday in northern Arizona for a 90-day trial period as part of a federal effort to determine if agents should be posted there permanently, officials said Tuesday. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who will work out of Flagstaff, will assist local police agencies investigating immigration-related crimes in Coconino, Yavapai and Mohave counties. [Read More]

On The Border - Connie's Perspective January 2007 Part II
We have built over two miles of fence and have a good crew going this week. Also we are providing security for both fence lines. We have one wash that will require a double fence, one on top of the other in order to cross on land on each side. The weather has been harsh, we arose to 11.4 degrees yesterday morning. By the time we were in the field it was around 20 degrees. We completed 3/8ths of a mile even with the cold temps. [Read More]

On The Border - Connie's Perspective January 2007 Part I
As of this afternoon we have finished one and one quarter miles of the barb-wire fence. There is a great crew out there who are working their hearts out. We have security on the Hodges Ranch and we have people stringing barb wire on the Ladd Ranch. So far the following states are represented, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Colorado and Missouri. [Read More]

Washinton Border Vigil Announcement
All Washington State Minutemen are hereby notified that our January, 2007 border vigil operation will be conducted over the weekend of January 27th & 28th. As usual, our initial muster will be a 09:00 A.M. on Saturday morning, the 27th of January, 2007 at Camp Standing Bear. [Read More]

On The Border - Connie's Perspective December 2006
I promised myself my gift to you this season would be not getting a newsletter over the holiday. Well promises are made to be broken and after reading this mornings paper, we need to talk. Headline "Calderon visits the paisanos, Nogales" [Read More]

Illegal Alien Foot Traffic - See the Pictures!
Illegal Alien traffic is back to normal even with the National Guard working the border south of these spots. [Read More]

AZ-SRT Rescues Family With a Young Child
While working in the Altar Valley south of Three Points, Arizona on Sunday December the 10th, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Arizona Search and Rescue Team (AZ-SRT) came upon a group of four foreign nationals who admitted to entering the country illegally. [Read More]

Sojourn on the Mexican border
Cape Coral residents Julius and Jeanette Morreal traveled to the Mexican border and learned what it was like to patrol with the Minuteman group. My wife and I journeyed to Three Points, Ariz., intending to interview Stacey O'Connell, Arizona director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Instead, he assigned us to Border Watch on the 57,000-acre King-Anvil Ranch with a platoon of his Minutemen. [Read More]

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