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Greetings From Camp Vigilance
A Border Operations Report from California
April 18, 2007

Dear Fellow Patriot:

There is so much to report, I almost don't know where to start. Our second full week at Camp Vigilance was a smashing success. To date this month we have spotted and reported more than 225 illegal invaders coming across the border. Virtually every shift we are seeing traffic with groups as large as 30. The scouts are holding positions above the valleys and calling out to the illegal's on how to avoid us which of course would work, if they only knew where all of "us" were.

Friday we had 15 go through the Oaks area and a local neighbor ran to camp to tell us. Later that night BP caught 14 of the 15 right behind Camp with our assistance. While all of this was going on a team observed a group of 40 amassing south of the gun club. They started to cross at 7:15 am Saturday and came within a few yards of our border watch team before the coyote got "spooked" and they all TBS'd (turn back south) at full speed. The scouts were pretty upset and accosted our team from the rocks. "Tough Tunoogies" as they say back east. Smaller groups of 6 tried at dusk on Saturday to cross on a different trail out by the red gate. Anyone want to guess who they ran into?

Mexican Military, in clear violation of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, came to the fence on Saturday morning in two large personnel carriers and a white pickup. They first stayed about 500 yards from the fence (still well within the 2 mile limit) but then returned a short time later and went up to the fence itself. 20+ armed soldiers were with them. BP was notified and we are told this is now a normal occurrence. Our government does not make a big stink about it because they are "interdicting drug traffic". Really? Seems everyone but DHS knows they are clearing out the area to "enable drug traffic"! They don't want any of those pesky "migrants getting in the way of serious business. BP field agents know it too. Its just Washington that hasn't figured it out yet. Big surprise there.

The overnight was quiet with no moon to speak of and rain, hail and high winds arrived. At 7:30 am a group of 20 popped up in front of us, well inside the border. They spotted us but it was too late to "run for the border" . We called BP and they arrived in about 4 minutes and went on pursuit capturing 4 immediately and part of the group later that morning. They were grateful for our assistance and thanked us for being there. Without us, that group of 20 would have made it. They chose a trail that concealed them from being observed by the high point BP overlook.

All in all a very productive week. Of the 40 we observed setting up Friday night we had spotted and reported 36 to BP. Traffic continued during the week and our small team of hearty border watchers have made numerous observations and reported them to Border Patrol.

To those who have come to the border, the leadership team thanks you and your country thanks you. The first two weeks of this month long muster have been the busiest since we launched our efforts here in CA some 20 months ago. So much for a secure border. BP is getting reinforcements but not as fast as their ranks transfer out to other agencies where they run less of a risk of getting thrown in jail for doing their jobs. In short, the border is a complete mess. Worse than ever. The tide of humanity is sweeping over the area like the floods of Katrina; all while our President and our government says "all is under control". What a joke.

Your country is being invaded! This is the REAL deal. If you are sitting at home and watching it on tv, what will you tell your children you did while the greatest nation on Earth was turned into a third world country? Will you tell them you would have liked to save the country but gas prices were just too high? Will you tell them it was someone else's job? Or will you tell them that the reason they have a safe and secure united states to raise their children and grandchildren in is because, like our founding fathers, you just cared too much to just stand by and watch it happen. YOUR DECISION!


Semper Vigilans (always vigilant),
Carl Braun
California State Leader
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of CA
Support California Border Operations

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

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