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Senate Votes "For" a Fence to Cover Only 3% of Our Border.
Low Cost Estimates Run $4,000,000 a Mile!

A $1,200,000,000 Political Smoke Screen!

Where is the leadership needed to truly secure our borders from terrorism and illegal alien invasion? Politicians have just voted to put up a smoke screen instead of a real fence. They provide misleading information about border security to make you believe the border is secure. This is not leadership - it is poll watching and electioneering.

Remember that the levees in New Orleans could have been repaired before the city was devastated by a storm that everyone knew was coming. Today, the SENATE APPROVES MEAGER BORDER SECURITY DESIGN, at prohibitively expensive costs per mile, and with what actual result? Just Election Year Politics As Usual - a vote that pretends to provide substantive security, while actually leaving our borders wide open to terrorists, criminals and illegal aliens. And after November - Amnesty will be proposed by many of these same politicians as THE hot political game in town.

Judge current security and integrity of the US Border for yourself: Will this leave us as unsecured after their 3% solution?
Minimal or no fencing - just a wide open frontier.

What are the 6000 military troops doing to secure the border?
Building roadway washout slabs - but where is the fencing?

Talk is NOT CHEAP at $1.2 billion, and the politicians are failing to secure the border.
These politicos are a long way from actually proving to the American people that they want our borders secured, and that they will act with constancy and principle to achieve this U.S. Constitution-dictated obligation of their office.

The American people wisely still do not trust that our government has the political will to secure our borders. As your Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, we will keep pressing our work forward, while we keep their feet to the fire - as our voices are obviously being heard now, even in the elitist United States Senate. But talk will not protect our nation; our borders must be secured from foreign invasion and enemy penetration.

The Minuteman Border Fence - a Cost Effective Reality!
The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is already building security fences and vehicle barriers on private land using private donations, which have vastly diminished illegal intruders in our sectors. A multi-level design which includes anti-climb fencing, fiber-optic fencing, vehicle barriers and camera systems to observe and report will allow thousands of Minutemen to monitor the border day and night, 365 days a year.

We are continuing to receive emails from dedicated patriots in unqualified support of our mission, recognizing that 97% of the border is not secure, and that government plans do not even exist to have them be secured in the future.

Your help and support is needed NOW! A new one mile segment of fourteen foot high, anti-climb Israeli style double fence barrier with cameras and ground sensors is being installed at our current project at the Hodges Ranch. More than 2.5 miles of fencing is already installed at the Ladd Ranch, and has stopped drug running by 100% and reduced illegal crossings by 60%. A total of 10 miles of fencing projected on the Ladd Ranch will expand the Minuteman barrier deterrent to a full-scale AFFORDABLE demonstration that the U.S. government will have to address in their planning. The Minuteman Border Fence will help local Arizona ranchers and landowners to move forward to secure the U.S. border and stop illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists from violating sovereign American territory.