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Minuteman Border Fence Flags

In memory of my dad's defense of our country
- George C Scruggs


Just a thought, as I read your plan to place flags along the border. I and countless others have flags that were given to a family member at the burial of a veteran. Mine stays folded and put away for "safe keeping" as a memento to my dad. BUT, I rarely see it unless I am digging through the "safe keeping" location.

My dad's name is James Clarence Scruggs and he served 2 years during WWII mainly in Italy.

I will gladly send that flag to you for display where you need it, even along the border, in memory of my dad's defense of our country, in other nations of the world, through his military service during WWII. These flags could be displayed as a strong and visible show of support by the people of this nation.

I am sure thousands of other families would be willing to do the same. SOMETHING TO CONSIDER. Let me know, as I am ready to send my flag today.

I can think of no better way to remember my dad than this.

I hope to get out there to help at the border in the near future, but have a few physical issues to work out before I can consider coming.

George C Scruggs

George -
Thank you, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps would be honored and proud to fly your father's flag on the Border Fence in memory of his service to America and the World. It will remind all Americans of the sacrifice that so many have paid for this country to be free and why we need to secure our borders.

Sincerely for America,

Chris Simcox, President
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Send us an email! Tell us your story and let us know you will be sending your veteran flag to fly at the border fence. MinutemanBorderFence@MinutemanHQ.com

If you have a veteran flag and want it to fly it at the border in memory of your
father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife please send their flag
with a picture of your loved one if possible to the following address:

By U.S. Mail:
Border Fence Flags
PO Box 417
Tombstone, AZ 85638
By FedX or UPS:
Border Fence Flags
123 N. 12th Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638

Donate to build the Minuteman Border Fence

We need your continued financial help to build the Minuteman Border Fence as a gift to the United States to Secure Our Borders.

SELECT HERE to Place a Flag on the Border for a $25 donation.

America's borders are under siege by an invasion of illegal aliens. Our flag has been desecrated on our own soil. Millions of illegal intruders crowd our streets demanding "rights" and seeking to colonize our sovereign nation. Our government does nothing. Are you ticked off yet? Have you had enough abandonment of the rule of law? We have -- and we're doing something about it!

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is dedicated to securing our nations' borders by building the Minuteman Border Fence.

The Minuteman Border Fence has brought thousands of patriotic Americans together to show our government how to protect and defend these United States: Build the Fence!

Now, whether you can join us at the border or not, you can help build the fence and show your patriotic spirit by sponsoring a border flag to fly proudly along America's frontier.

We have a goal to place 100,000 American flags on the Minuteman Border Fence.


The flags will fly along our privately built, privately funded fence on private U.S. ranch land as a tribute to the indomitable American spirit of liberty and a testament to your love of country.

Your donation to Minuteman Border Fence Flags will help raise funds for our fence construction, including building materials, equipment, webcams and fiber optic FOMGuard sensors. We believe that your flag flying on America's frontier will serve to alert more of our fellow Americans to the crisis of our broken borders. Our citizenry must become more aware of the national security threat posed by our open, porous borders with Canada and Mexico, if America's safety, sovereignty and prosperity is to be defended.

You can help NOW!

Holes and Fence Posts are going up as you read this!!!

Posts delivered and holes ready for security fence 10/06/2006

Fly The American Flag At The Border
To Stand Vigilant For Our Nation!

SELECT HERE to Place a Flag on the Border for a $25 donation.

Or SEND your donation of $25.00 to:
Minuteman Border Fence
Dept #640
PO BOX 131728
Houston, TX 77219-1728

Donate $100.00 and put Five flags on the fence.
Five or more are just $20 each.

Please take a moment to share this news about our Minuteman Border Fence Flags project with those on your mailing list -- and ask them to do the same. This is one great way that EVERY patriotic American can help secure the borders of the United States.